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    How big a market for step through?

    Handling is something to keep in mind, though I am not sure how much it plays into things with lower speed less experienced riders. I certainly have noticed that on step though frames the feel of the bike tends to beach cruiser, hates high speed and manuvering. I found that to be unnerving. In...
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    Looking to place an order on an Ultimate Commuter Pro - brakes?

    No idea about the Dominion's, but I am satisfied with the mt5s. I do have two minor gripes, I think the pads are heavily overpriced, best price I could get them for was 33 for a single set. That near car brake pad price, seems a bit much to me. Other thing is that I have noticed that towards...
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    Got my first flat on my Ultimate Commuter Pro

    I have taken it off a couple of times. It's a a bit of a bear, particularly getting it back on as getting everything lined up is a challenge with how heavy the bike is, still wouldn't hire it out, it's a good thing to know how to do. I recommend an assistant or having a stand that allows...
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    EBTL Customer Service Survey

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    Any interest in a Bosch based Ultimate Commuter Pro ?

    This all makes me a bit sad and wish I had this magical new controller! Glad to see progress though!
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    Full suspension with Belt drive - why ?

    So I don't really understand the strong feelings some here seem to have around wanting a full suspension bike, at least for a commuter. Mountain bike I can understand, but I can't see taking something this heavy out to do any real mountain biking unless it's being used as an extremely low range...
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    Superbike - Series 2 pricing, what's next?

    That would be sad, I like the design of the current UCP (which I own) much more.
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    Any interest in committing to pre-launch price for a limited run hard tail superbike ? Round One Pricing added- through April 11th.

    This is something I wouldn't be worried about with Pushkar's stuff. The wheels on the UCP are crazy strong. I haven't had any issues with high speed, lots to accel/de-accel, city potholes.
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    WattWagon Ultimate Commuter Pro (UCP) in depth review

    I have now mounted the new larger 60 tooth front sprocket and 125 tooth belt. Happily it has not significantly affected my ability to ride without electrical assist, even while towing if not up large hills. I have been doing more casual riding and less commuting thanks to Covid19 and wanted to...
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    WattWagon Ultimate Commuter Pro (UCP) in depth review

    Interesting I had no idea. Although I do not store my bike outside, its in the house or in a relatively warm underground parking garage. Even so this sounds like a good explanation.
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    WattWagon Ultimate Commuter Pro (UCP) in depth review

    That is awesome! Thanks you!
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    WattWagon Ultimate Commuter Pro (UCP) in depth review

    Oh I totally forgot, Pushkar was kind enough to ship me additional springs for the seatpost. Thank you! It was a little confusing telling the different springs apart, but I ended up adding one of the new ones on that seemed stronger on the lower section and I am very pleased with the results...
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    WattWagon Ultimate Commuter Pro (UCP) in depth review

    Update: Good news. I am more pleased with the front shock after adding more air into it. I found that having higher air pressure has helped stop it from bottoming out, and settled it a bit. It still bobs when pedaling out of the seat, but less so. It is a little less plush as a result but that...
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    Lezyne macro light

    I am seeing this same exact behavior. I cannot get it to stay at 1000. Interestingly I found if I press the button to put it in the brightest mode while the bike is plugged in and charging it will stay at the brightest setting and not dim slowly and then return to brightness over and over again...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Watt Wagons Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I ended up turning the adjuster about half a turn and that improved things. I have attached some photos, this is after adjusting, its hard to see/get a good photo. The two top rivets were originally flush/below the leather like the others but now are a bit higher. From what I read that can get...
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    Any interest in a Bosch based Ultimate Commuter Pro ?

    Looks awesome if it can be made.
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    WattWagon Ultimate Commuter Pro (UCP) in depth review

    Yeah. There was a video tour of the Bafang factor posted in the forums here recently in which it was hinted that they were working on a drive train/shifting product.
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    WattWagon Ultimate Commuter Pro (UCP) in depth review

    @Ebiker33 I believe what you are talking about is the Bosh electric shifter for the Rohloff, which is not available on the current WattWagon as it is not Bosh powered. The WattWagon has a twist shifter. The video of the electronic shift and the reviews made me think that it is not quite there...
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    WattWagon Ultimate Commuter Pro (UCP) in depth review

    Thanks! Good to know I am not alone in experiencing weirdness when shifting. Generally it's not much a problem when casually riding. It's when I am trying accelerate and ride fast, like between the many stop signs and stoplights on city streets, when commuting that I experience the...
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    WattWagon Ultimate Commuter Pro (UCP) in depth review

    I am happy with the power, I have not tried it with 750 yet, but I imagine decreasing it will make hill climbing slower (currently with a lot of hard peddling I can maintain 22-25 on the biggest hills I tackle daily). My main concern is for the health of the Rohloff, I would be very very sad if...