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    Wheels: Spokes vs 5/6 point.

    Trying to learn. When I see new bike images, they often have 5/6 point "mag" wheels. Are these stronger/better than standard spoke wheels? They are certainly more aethetically pleasing (to me) u
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    Bafang nomenclature

    I'm not sure which motor is which. I've seen threads about G510, M600, M620, BBS02B, BBSHD. I bought a bike with a Bafang "Ultra". No clue which one of these it is (or if there's another designation). Can anyone please list out what each motor is? Please & thank you.
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    Bafang Display vs App

    Hi. I've recently purchased a Bafang powered e-bike using the Ultra motor (a Watt Wagon). Rather than posting on the Watt Wagon forum, I thought I would start here. The Bafang display seems pretty nice and functional, but takes up a decent amount of real estate on the handlebar. Has anyone...
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    Power Requirements

    Hi gang. I'm trying to wrap my head around power requirements needed. WW offers a really high powered, tunable motor, but I'm trying to determine what I really need. Confession, I'm new to e-bikes, this will be my first purchase, and I'm on this forum because I recognize the quality and...
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    Help me make an informed e-bike decision, please.

    I've ditched the car and am now deep into research on a midtail cargo e-bike. I was down to two choices (Riese & Muller Multicharger and Yuba electric Boda Boda). I'm having a difficult time swallowing the price tag for the R&M, so am now leaning heavily towards the Boda Boda. Some questions...