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    CCS2 Triangle bag

    I found this triangle bag, fits perfect in the CCS2
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    New CCS2 Battery Usage

    Purchased a CCS2 approx 5 weeks ago. A typical 20 mile ride with 95% eco used to use only approx 20% of the battery. Today I went 21 miles mostly on eco and now 50% of the battery is remaining. I hope that trend does not continue :(
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    New Ebike adjustments Velotooler recommened

    I purchased a new Juiced Ebike approx 4 weeks ago --- I have 150 miles on it and noticed the gears were not switching properly, one time the chain fell off. I called Juiced, they told me that new bikes have a "breakin" period and typically the shifter and derailleur need to be adjusted. Since...
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    Has anyone tried Trieye Glasses ?
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    Bike Computer suggestions for under $200

    I was researching Bike Computers .... I liked the Magellan line due to color and maps etc but after researching there seems to be some question as to what is new or if the company is still doing business. For example the 505 looks good but hard to find on Amazon and on google. Then people are...
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    Juiced ccs 2 Suntour NCX

    I just received the Suntour NCX for my new CCS2 -- It's way too thin for the seat post. Does anyone have a fix for this?
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    Folding Bike for $169?

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    Slime on New Tires

    I purchased a new Ebike (Juiced). They came with Kenda tires however I wanted to upgrade to marathon to help avoid flats. But I wasn't sure if I should wait until these tires have some wear. If that is the case I wondered if anyone has used slime as a preventative measure, meaning take the...
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    Cycling Cameras for safety suggestion

    Any suggestions for cameras that can see front and rear? thanks.
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    Cycling Gloves suggestion -Vegan

    Can anyone recommend gloves without leather or animal products? Thanks
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    New Juiced CCS2 Crosscurrent s 2 followup

    My new bike came today and I wanted to post a follow up from my previous thread. As I was critical of their customer service and support, I feel it is necessary to give credit too. I received an email last night that my bike was being shipped, it arrived today. One day shipping. Upon opening...
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    New Tires for Juiced CCS2

    I corresponded with Schwalbe concerning new tires (as the ccs2 comes with kenda). They suggested the Schwalbe Energizer Plus Tour 441. Has anyone tried these tires?
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    FYI Juiced Bikes

    Hi everyone just a quick heads up. I read in a thread concerning sizing and that Juiced had a great return policy/customer service. This was my experience. Being new to the Ebike community I researched as most do. I decided I wanted the CCX XL but they were out of stock (this within the past...
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    Juiced CCS2 Size question

    I ordered the CCS2 xl after reading some threads saying to get the xl. But now I have read other threads saying a large would be better. Can you tell me your experience with respect to sizing xl vs l thanks
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    Has anyone tried nutfix wheel locks ?

    What is your impression?
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    Best Locks and best advice how to lock your Ebike

    Can anyone offer advice as to how to lock your Ebike? Which locks? Do you recommend an Alarm? What about nutfix?
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    New Seat Post for Juiced ccs2

    Has any Juiced owner changed the seat post? Do you have any suggestions or do you own this one
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    New Mirror for Juiced ccs2

    Does anyone have a good mirror they might suggest or if they know about this one ? thanks
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    Are Slime Sealing tubes safe ?

    I have been reading about the problems on the road changing tires, Are the slime sealing tubes safe and would it be recommended to replace the tubes that come with the bike (just bought new ebike with Kenda K1088 Tire 700C x 45C (45-622) ) now? thanks
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    Locks and safety

    Im researching locks for my new ebike I found a great video on new locks (below). If anyone has suggestions as to the most secure way to lock your ebike, I appreciate it. And if anyone has any of the locks in the video what are your thoughts thanks