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    Cheap bikestand solution

    I use a couple of tie downs. hook to each end of the bike and the other ends to my garage door track. I you use ratchet straps just lift it up. The other type lift the bike while tightening the strap.
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    Losing Tire Pressure

    I use Stans sealant, tires never lose air.
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    Programming the controller of a recent rad bike

    I was looking for a way to narrow the gap of watts between p2 and p3. Other wise I’m happy with the stock performance.
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    Bike mirror recommendation

    There as adjustable as any other mirrors I’ve had.
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    Bike mirror recommendation

    They are from Amazon. there all aluminum. Two mirrors $20. Broke 2 Hafney, plastic, in just a couple of months. Mounted mine upside down. Might put them upright after using them awhile
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    Radrover.. Canada 500W Vs USA 750W Geared Motor.

    Not about the OP but what year is that BSA you have there. I bought a new 68 650 lighting and it reminds me of it, same color. Too bad I wrapped it around a tree and it was sent to the junk yard. Sure did like that bike
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    Known Issues & Problems with Rad Power Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Thanks for the heads up about those cheap posts. I’ve got one and I sometimes worry about it. Im at 230 and I worry about the screw in seat spring plug. Keep waiting for it to pop out.
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    2019 Rad Rover fenders

    I have the fenders on my 2018 Rad. They went on in just a few minutes. They are quality fenders and sturdier than I see with after markets. I can’t see why the 2019 would be much different.
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    Radrover fenders are in!

    I ordered them when I ordered the bike. No shipping charge. But, they had em stock. Darn good fenders! Worth the money over the skimpy $20 after market fenders.
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    ebike insurance

    Put that $25-$30 in a jar every month and “if” someone steals it you will most likely have enough money to pay the deductible or buy a new bike. Odds are good enough against some one steeling it you’ll end up with a bunch money to buy a new bike when yours wears out.
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    Radcity direct drive

    Regenerative braking on the City. My dad swears it goes further than his prior 3 ebikes because of that. I’m not too sure about that though.
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    ebike insurance

    State Farm here. Just asked that question when I was in talking with the agent. Bike goes on the home owners policy, liability and loss. $1000 deductible on loss. They didn’t recommend turning it in for a $1600 Bike alone, but would be helpful to turn it in on a major loss. Liability is covered...
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    The last ebike manufacturing challenge

    My RadRover tires sound like a pickup on dry pavement with snow tires. People turn and look even if I’m dead heading down a hill. I consider it a safety feature.
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    Step over or step through for men?

    My 95 year old dad bought a Rad City step through. He still throws his leg over it. Old habits are hard to break.
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    Denver Parks seeks rule making for "e-devices"

    Well the present governor is against any thing fossil fuel. One would think electric bikes would be ok. Frankly I think they want a ban on certain types of people. By the way Denver and Boulder are IN Colorado and there is were most of COLORADO Is.
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    Colorado Bike Speeding Tickets

    Colorado is always looking for new ways to “fee” people. Never surprised by a new “fee”.
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    Biking is painful: e-biking is NOT

    With as much metal as bone below my waist and a bad back, I’m in pain after a walk through Walmart. I can ride 20 miles on my Ebike and get off with no pain. Lots of deplorable old bikers are going to begin to hit the bike lanes. The “athletes” better get use to it.
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    Loving my "Thudbuster" suspension seatpost (Happy Birthday to Me!)

    I saved a ton of money by getting one of those $20 shock absorber types. Looks pretty good sitting in my junk box.
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    How local bikeshops treat your online purchase?

    Like I have the plague. Fortunately my online bike dealer, Rad,treats me like a king.
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    Why I won't buy another Rad Power bike (aka support your local bike shop)

    A good dealer with fair prices. I wouldn’t gone internet if I had one like that. Thank goodness I found an internet dealer that works for me. A win win for us both. Why doesn’t Raleigh cover warranty?