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    Battery stopped charging at four bars

    Hi I've had my Bosch system for about two years now maybe a year and a half. Its been working flawlessly but my 400 battery all of a sudden stopped charging at 4 bars which I can live with. But the problem is now its dead and won't work on the bike. Has anyone else experienced this? Can...
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    Battery on Bosch Performance Shutoff when left in sun?

    Hi the other day here in San Diego it was hot, left my bike in the sun for a couple of hours, when I got back I started peddleing and it died. I couldn't activate my bike again until I recharged the full battery and it reset. Is it possible that the battery has a temperature monitoring...
  3. J

    Need Ocean Current 1000 watt

    make it a special edition off road only model yadda yadda. Is there a plan to offer such a beast?
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    How fast have you gotten your E-Lux to?

    website says up to 23mph. Just wondering if that's wishful thinking?
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    Thinking of getting XS 750 sport anyone have one?

    Just love the look of the high torque rear motor. Has anyone purchased one and been glad they did? Any buyers remorse? Do the rear high torque hub motor compete well with the mid drive Bosch systems? Considering the 750 is around $4500 US is it good value?