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    Park freewheel tool mod

    This has been discussed in Rad Power discussions but I thought others may find use for it. Changing the freewheel on my Rad Rover gave me fits. I did a lot of searching but I could never find the problem. The tool won’t fit over the wire connector or the axle nut that won’t slip over the...
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    400 miles on my RadRover report

    This thing is a blast! I’m in AZ for the winter and got to use it a lot. 400 miles doesn’t seem like much, but with more fake than original joints a being an old bugger I couldn’t ride my Cannondale more then a few miles before being worn out. 20 mile rides and I have plenty of steam left. Rough...
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    Rads guide to electric motors

    Guide to electric motors Good reading
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    Throwing your leg over an E-Bike

    Have a RadRover and just put on the Ibera rack and quick attach bag. The combo sits higher than the seat buy about 6”. I’m 73 and 6’2” and it is hard for me to swing my leg over the bike with it on. Have two replaced knees. 3 hip replacements. Arthritis in my L5. I found I can remove the bag...
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    Bike Tariffs

    Rad Power just lowered their bikes by taking off the $200 tariff. Bought my 2018 because I got a $300 clearance discount. I used it to buy fenders and a 11T freewheel. Oh well I’ve had $200 worth of fun the last 1 1/2 months. ;)
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    Display protection

    Has anyone have a good way to cover the display when you park your bike? We used a shower cap over our CB radios on our ATVs when it was raining.
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    Knee protection

    Had both knees replaced and falling off the bike and my knees hitting the pavement is one of my greatest fears. I was wanting some kind of knee pad that would be comfortable while peddling. I have a pair of knee pads for working around the house but sure won’t work well on the bike. Any suggestions?
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    What they don’t tell you when replacing a freewheel

    I ordered a 11t freewheel before my RadRover was delivered. Road it once before I started to install it. Noticeable “hamster” effect. Took wheel off and low and behold the axle nut and washers won’t slide over the wire harness connector. Park tool won’t either. I could have drilled out the tool...
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    Rover rear wheel removal

    Every thing I’ve looked at shows to turn the bike upside down to R&R the rear wheel. How do you keep from screwing up the controls on the handle bars? Seems it might be even more damaging if out on the trail. Also how important is the little tab you have to remove from the left side, appears to...
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    New Rover

    Just received my Black Friday Rad Rover today and got it assembled. Better quality than I anticipated. Haven’t got it charged up and never turned a wheel, but have my 11t freewheel on the way. Short supply on them and the dealers are really taking advantage of it. The $300 I saved pays for few...