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  1. Emma H

    2.5-3" tires with puncture protection?

    I just bought a fat/plus? bike and am totally lost on which tire to get. I'm a female who rides a lot a night in an urban area so puncture protection is my foremost concern, and I'll be riding almost totally on pavement (some gravel/dirt trails in city parks but only as an optional shortcut)...
  2. Emma H

    Resell advice?

    I just bought my second ebike--needed a throttle due to a problematic knee that acts up from time to time--and am looking for tips to sell the first. It's well-maintained Haibike hardtail with a $4500 MSRP I picked up for $3300 as a floor model in 2016 with the original Bosch 28 mph motor. It...
  3. Emma H

    Mid-drives with throttle/trigger?

    I have a Haibike speed pedelec, which I love. Unfortunately, the knee injury that first prompted me to get an ebike has been acting up with increased frequency and duration. After a month of forgoing my bike for a bus, I can make it 80% of the way to work without pain, but the 20% seems to set...