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  1. Gus

    eBikes on RAGBRAI

    I've been doing RAGBRAI (418 mile ride across Iowa, the worlds largest bicycle tour event) for several years and have seen very few eBikes in the past. I saw a Bionix kit on a recumbent last year but that was about it. I saw a ton of eBikes on it this year. I assume largely because of the longer...
  2. Gus

    Stromer ST1 Review - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    3/12/14 - Update 3/22/14 - Update 4/11/14 - Update 2200 Mile Update Summary _____________________________________________ I now have over 2200 miles (3540 km for you metric folks :)). My Stromer has now been through the end of a freezing winter, spring, and now almost through the Summer. The...
  3. Gus

    ST1 Warranty Issues & Mileage

    I have seen a couple used ST1's put up for sale in my area. Probably due to the ST2 announcement and people looking to upgrade. Since it's used bike, there is no warranty, which is the trade off for a much lower price point. One ST1 in particular is about 30% cheaper than new and has less than...