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    eBike side cars?

    Is there any such thing? I would think it might work pretty well with the proper setup. Not so much for going up Filbert St in San Francisco, but there would be a lot of practical applications for a decent sized bike, like a Rad Rover. TT
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    Put new tires on my Rad Rover yesterday, after about 1900 miles. I should have rotated the tires a while back I guess. The rear was almost slick but the front still had a good bit of tread. Anyway, it was the first time I had the rear wheel off. I had one flat on it that I was able to patch...
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    Cyber sale just got better

    2019 Rad bikes are $200 off right now, plus you get a free accessory, while they last. TT
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    RadRover chain

    The RadRover uses an EMC Z7 chain. I've got enough miles on my bike I wouldn't mind having a spare chain on the shelf. I'm comfortable working with chains but I know next to nothing about chain sizes. I'm wondering what other chains are compatible. I have no complaints about the EOM EMC but...
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    Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500

    Does anyone have anything to say about using an 85 cm long Abus Bordo GRANIT X Plus 6500 with a RadRover? In particular, is it long enough to go around the rear tire, frame, and a post? TT
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    US Bike Insurance

    I'm thinking of getting specialty bike insurance for theft and liability, basically. My question is what kind of experiences have people had when filing claims with various companies? Who makes you happy or mad that you chose their company? Like most insurance, I hope never to need it, but my...
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    Best bike insurance in the US

    I won't name names but I got two quotes from fairly prominent insurance companies that specialize in bike insurance. I chose identical coverages, deductibles, etc., and the two quotes came back within a couple of dollars of each other. I have a pretty good idea of the coverage I want and don't...