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  1. one4torque

    Sonders Experience and modding

    Latest round of mods for my gen 1 sondors: Mxus 3000 watt rear hub motor kit from Kinye, 6 turn high tq motor, 76volt battery with 18ah. I have to take it easy on standing starts... as this motor is super tq'y, and the little dropouts on the sondors even with 2 tq arms allow the nuts to...
  2. one4torque

    BEWARE of Quigley Motorsports - Stealth Dealer in AUS will not deliver. Tell your friend to beware.

    Sitting on my payment since Oct 2015 to June 2016 and avoiding any communcation is not good business. I rec'd an email last week stating they are continuing to work on my order. I'll post here if/when I get parts or refund.
  3. one4torque

    Hot weather considerations

    Battery storage in high heat and battery life impacts are an issue. Once my shop starts reaching >95f for more than 4 hrs I'll be moving my batteries inside.
  4. one4torque

    Any one get so frustrated they switched back to a non E-Bike?

    People prob had the same complaints about the automobile when they first came out as a collection of parts that worked .... In the hands of a mechanic enthusiast...... But not quite ready for the hands of a retail masses...... I would not try to hold a retail sales service relationship just...
  5. one4torque

    If only I had $28,000 laying around

    ???? Does not compute. ?????
  6. one4torque

    observations on getting back into riding after 30 years being overweight etc

    If i ride a path, i slow way doen for walkers pedal rS ... I even go off the path to give free board.... I smile and say have a nice day. Ususlly my rob lowe smile distracts them from anything "E" hah.
  7. one4torque

    Can a fat-tire e-bike replace an ATV?

    My attempts to use a hopped up sondors in this fashion have left me broke down 4 mi in the bush. 3 flat tires due to thorns and thin fat tires 1 burned controller 1 derauleur failure So i would say it will have to be a VERY well sorted kit. Gl
  8. one4torque

    observations on getting back into riding after 30 years being overweight etc

    Great post and thread. I got into ebiking due to knee injury. 48 yr old 216 lb guy here. Knee is rehabbed... But im now addicted to e bikes. And yeah...MUCH cheaper to mod than the german autos i used to try and play with.
  9. one4torque

    Interesting perspectives on e-MTB's

    There is another perspective to this guys: You can use an e mtn bike on different terrain that is inaccessible to a pedal bike. Pedal bikes need a somewhat groomed trail or trail less groomed but w slope. I don't bomb down my local groomed ocd mtn bike trails w my stealth bomber...
  10. one4torque

    Sonders Experience and modding

    Once i inc v to stock sondors rear motor i had same issue. I then have been upgrading in steps to: 750 watt Then 1500 watt, Then now ro 3000 watt mxus rear hub motor. You can buy a complete laced up rear fat wheel 75o watt from china for $500. You will need a goid battery to match each...
  11. one4torque

    Sonders Experience and modding

    Ravi - I never really ever considered an ebike........ never knew they existed...... never really cared....... Then one night I had a few beers, and someone spammed me with the gen 1 Sondors Storm campaign..... and I thought what the hell.... it's $499........ I forgot about it.... then 6 mo's...
  12. one4torque

    Sonders Experience and modding

    thx Jack. I got the job done with the old water pipe. I've got a 3KW Mxus setup coming from Kineye motorsports...... should be fun, and get me around the sloppy stuff.
  13. one4torque

    Stromer goes to the mountains.

    Single track beastie! Love it.
  14. one4torque

    Sonders Experience and modding

    SONDORS STRESS TEST:::::: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) Hit some muddy stuff today.... all was cool until I hit a shale washed out river bed....... nasty muck stuff...... overheated the controller, got stuck, chain fell off..... walked out of it...... let...
  15. one4torque

    Sonders Experience and modding

    I'll need to tweak/adj the rear derailleur or add a top front chain ring chain guide as I'm having a chain drop problem when I shift to the lowest gear. More to come, as I fine tune. thx for comps..... this thread is just small glimpse into my tinkering-madness et-uh.... hobby.
  16. one4torque

    Sonders Experience and modding

    Fresh battery from luna is right around 30mph.... dep on wind/slope, and my attitude..... I need a bigger battery as I eat up AH's.... in this condition :) The big surprise for me is the low end grunt i was able to retain with this 1500watt dir drive hub motor..... is has the same bottom end as...
  17. one4torque

    Sonders Experience and modding

    Thx Jack - when I researched this upgrade I had some difficulty finding a complete list of P/N's ..... and there is some mis-information out there from people claiming to know what to buy..... A few things I did: *8 speed twist shifter from ebay $15 shipped. You end up shifting 2 gears to 1...
  18. one4torque

    Stealth FLUX Frame-Sw Arm Build Progress

    Making some progress on project ALPHA FLUX! All parts are either in hand or on order to arrive over the next couple of weeks: Cyrstalye Motor/controller 64volt 20AH battery customer built by a forum member to fit frame 19" Yami MX rim on rear with fat spokes Rock-SHOX rear shock DNM front DH...
  19. one4torque

    Sonders Experience and modding

    Added 3spd to the bike today: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) added tq arm (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)