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  1. poekie68

    Second Stromer ST1 charger for less than $175?

    Can't you order it from a more reseller? I live in Belgium and had an extra charger for ST1 ordered from my local Strömer reseller at € 150 ($ 163).
  2. poekie68

    Slipping seat post on ST2

    Same issue with my ST1 seatpost. Use assembly compound for carbon: it contains grains. Apply on the inside of the seat tube before installing the seatpost. Because of the grains in the compound, the seatpost will not slip down.
  3. poekie68

    Rack bags for rear rack

    I'm using on my ST1 Ortlieb bags: Back-Roller City (QL 1 fixing system) and Downtown Black 'n White (QL 2.1 fixing system)
  4. poekie68

    Bottom bracket cartridge ST1, original and alternatives?

    The bottom bracket cartridge of my ST1 has been replaced at +/- 10000km. This is the type which is installed now (running for 6000 km now): RPM BB-7420; BC 1.37x24T, shell 73, spindle 138.5 Is this the same as the original bottom bracket cartridge in the ST1? This bb cartridge is very...
  5. poekie68

    Freewheel ST1, original and alternatives?

    The original freewheel on a Stromer ST1 is: Sun Race MFEX9-9AU 9-speed 11,12,14,16,18,21,24,28,32 T Experience with possible alternatives? Tnx! Willem
  6. poekie68

    Change tire size in controller ST1

    Hi Paolo, isn't the value the wheel circumference in mm, not the diameter?
  7. poekie68

    What kind of bell do you use?

    The Spurcycle isn't cheap, butt it'll last very long! Have one for more than one year now. Very loud, strong quality product, no plastics, all metal. The black one fits perfectly on my black ST1.
  8. poekie68

    Change tire size in controller ST1

    Hi, Today I have changed my original tires after 15000 km with the new Continental Top Contact II 26 x 2. They are 0.5 smaller than the original Schwalbe Big Bens. Can I change in the computer/controller unit the size of the tires to have an accurate speed and distance indication? What would be...