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    Which of your bike geometry measures corresponds to stack height?

    In my comparison of bikes I'm taking a stack:reach ratio (larger being better for me) but realize I don't see stack height as one of your measurements. What best corresponds to stack height? Cheers!
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    Ultimate T10 vs T10+ body position and max rider weight.

    The review of the T10 says the body position is upright/upright relaxed whereas that of the T10+ says forward. They both appear to be tool adjustable so I'm wondering what makes the ride position of the T10 plus more aggressive considering the seat post angle doesn't appear to differ much if at...
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    Model R reviews/opinions?

    This bike ticks a lot of boxes for me. I'm a taller/heavier rider (6'4" and 275) and I like the weight limit of the bike and several other features (e.g., upright body position), but I cannot find much about it online. For instance, is it class 2 or 3 (it seems like a hybrid)? Does it use...