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  1. Marc Fogel

    Vintage Electric Cruz

    I have a Vintage Electric Cruz Ebike with "Race Mode" How can I adjust the "AUTO" PEDAL feature? The bike requires almost NO effort from the rider. I want to get some exercise. How can I adjust the bike so that I can get more exercise. Also who has the Fat Frank tires in stock?
  2. Marc Fogel

    Optibike 15R

    I just bought a factory rebuilt Optibike R15. Are there any owner forums or good articles/reviews of the R15? How does it compare to the Stromer ST 5 or Luna Cycle Apex or Apollo models? I am a street cruiser, not a Mountain Biker. Thanks Marc F 310 684 0599 Los Angeles
  3. Marc Fogel

    I'm Back - I Want to Buy a New Ebike

    Hi my name is Marc & I'm here toget a new ebike. My eplus plus 1000 watt Mountain Bike is finally worn out.