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  1. one4torque

    Stealth FLUX Frame-Sw Arm Build Progress

    Making some progress on project ALPHA FLUX! All parts are either in hand or on order to arrive over the next couple of weeks: Cyrstalye Motor/controller 64volt 20AH battery customer built by a forum member to fit frame 19" Yami MX rim on rear with fat spokes Rock-SHOX rear shock DNM front DH...
  2. one4torque

    Quigley Motorsports - Stealth dealer - beware scammer

    Quigley Motorsports - UPDATE Stealth contacted him and he said he would contact reach out to the customers that he is holding their money since Nov last year. I have heard nothing. I've sent him email, msg through his website, and msg through facebook. And nothing. I'm going to give the...
  3. one4torque

    A little Stealth trailer I made this after noon.... njoy.

    Please do not take this too seriously.... I'm just a 48 yr old ebike hack with some spare time, and a few bikes, and a real addiction to ebik-n.
  4. one4torque

    My 2 Bombers

    Blackie and Snow White: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
  5. one4torque


    check out lmx Might have to build one
  6. one4torque

    COTA F1 Track holds solar car race.... could we do ebikes? I can't help but think about a cadre' of ebikes mixing it up @ COTA! Endurance, or speed, or distance...... could be fun. The track is a beast in a race-car... I bet it would be fun on a stealth...
  7. one4torque

    My Lightning Rods Small Block Build - Trek 920 S Track hardtail

    It's been a long wait, but worth it... my lightning rods small block mid drive just arrived. The key element to my Trek 920 Single Track Budget build. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
  8. one4torque

    Mongoose Dolomite Ebike Budget Build for my Buddy

    A good friend of mine is in need of some cheap transport, so being the good friend that I am, I'm building him a budget ebike. Starting Point: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) NEW Mongoose Dolomite 7 speed fat tire bike. The motivation: Cheaper generic chinese 500w/36v dir drive front...
  9. one4torque

    8fun gear hub in sondors rep gears avail?

    anyone know if I can service my sondors 8 fun rear gear hub 350w hub gears? I'm getting some extra grinding noise from the gears.
  10. one4torque

    Good experience with Stealth Bomber purchase from Seattle Ebike

    I just picked up a 2013 Stealth Bomber from Seattle Ebike, and I've got to give a shout out to their service attitude, and great deal on the bike. Very knowledgable and helpful professionals over there.
  11. one4torque

    Sondors Custom 2WD - music vid for your sunday pleasure ;)

    Turn it up to full volume, and listen to the vintage fender tweed sing. A few pics of my sondors 2wd in it's current state.
  12. one4torque

    Stealth bombers for sale in Wisc..(not mine)

    There are a couple stealth bombers for sale in Wisonson. They seem to show up on ebay from time-to-time. I queried about the bikes: 1. Used 2014 model with upgraded controller/batt. $10K. 2. Used 2015 model with broken/repaired rear axle.... not sure how you do this? :)..... scratched...
  13. one4torque

    A little Appreciation for this little internet-NOOK!

    I've been on the net and participated in special interest forums since early 2000's...... and I've got to say this is one of the nicest, classy nooks on the web. A big cheers salute to my fellow ebike brothers/sisters :):D
  14. one4torque

    Sonders Experience and modding

    I've had my sonders ebike for over 1 month now, and have logged about 275 miles to-date. I try to ride 20miles/day, more on weekends. Mods to date: 1. Added a frog-style seatpost 2nd battery to double my range. It's a 36v/12ah from China. I added a DTDP switch 15amp, so I can switch between...