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    Now Superdelite optional 625Wh powertube

    I read this here, but only for 51 and 56 frame size (+200€). Second battery always 500 Do you think we will ever seen sooner or later a 625 in a powerpack?
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    Full waterproof pants and shoes

    So, long short story, I just got my half lower body completely wet.. I only have a big poncho (this for the precision) However, solutions like this one$392b82af094ba58857735357d3d506cb/sq/Fahrrad+Regenhose+City+500+schwarz.webp?f=1000x1000 are...
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    Charger 2017, Rohloff upgrade?

    As titled, I have a Charger GT Nuvinci (n380) from 2017 and I'd like to know if it's actually possible to upgrade to a Rohloff.. Online I read discordant opinions.. although R&M did offer a version with the Rohloff originally, called, unsurprisingly the "GX Rohloff" What can you tell me, guys?
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    Best tires/wheels for all-seasons commute on pavement

    Hi, so, I have a pair of Alex MD40 with Super Moto X (27.5 x 2.40) and I wonder if it'd make sense to switch to something thinner. I guess they offer increased adherence and confortability vs a little more weight and a lot of (I suppose) friction. My commute is, as titled, almost all on...
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    Riese & Müller 2020, integrated battery trend continues..

    I just saw this video: unfortunately it's in german and for the most part they show the speaking guy. But they do show (shortly) some of the new incoming bike though.. I'm looking forward to the new motors (although it looks like they will have some anti-tuning protection system), however...
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    Science and bicycling meet in a new helmet design

    New helmet is supposed to solve a problem identified in studies of NFL injuries. I'm sharing this, quite interesting
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    Is this a predominant USA forum?

    Hi, first of all great forum, I happened to come here by searching for R&M (video) reviews.. Since I usually read miles as unit measurements, brands unknown (to me) and places located in the USA, I think the vast majority of people here come from there.. am I right? How much would you...