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  1. Blue Bill

    New ST-1: battery life?

    Me 235lbs, 40psi, 14Ah battery, I can go over 100km on a charge on relatively level ground. Pedal sensitivity is set low and it's on Eco.
  2. Blue Bill

    Warranty on MAGURA brakes ?

    I replaced my leaky rear Magura brakes with a Shimano brake system, getting service and parts for Magura was expensive here in Toronto Canada. The plastic bleed screw is the worst idea ever. I'll replace the front brakes soon. I've got to figure out the pinout for the hall effects sensor in the...
  3. Blue Bill

    Stromer ST1 Review - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Mine clicks even when pedalling. But I'm used to it now. As for the hall effects sensor it seems to be embedded in the metalwork for the MT2, I'm going to have to figure out the pinout as I've replaced the rear MT2 with a Shimano brake assembly.
  4. Blue Bill

    Performance upgrades to the Stomer?

    I finally got tired of the Magura MT-2 brakes, parts aren't cheap and I've already worn out the pads in less than a year. Upgrading to Shimano XTR and will attempt the reed sensor myself. I'll post the mod if successful. Update: Shimano's installed, no electronic sensor yet but they are...
  5. Blue Bill

    Which Motor? (USA Models)

    33 = Torque, 48 = Speed. As a fat bastard myself I choose torque. :)
  6. Blue Bill

    Stromer display slips... what kind of Swiss engineering uses philips screws??

    I assume they used Phillips so you could service it. There is a battery inside that will eventually need replacing.
  7. Blue Bill

    Storing your ST1 for the winter battery?

    Any advice on keeping the battery in good condition over the winter?
  8. Blue Bill

    Handle Bar Height-Adjustable?

    I replaced the stock steering stem with a 30° one from MEC. Getting the expanding nut out of the stem without it falling in can be tricky.
  9. Blue Bill

    Stromer Torque Sensor Adjustment

    Yes it does. Would be nice if Stromer had a service setup option to tweak both the assist level + rename. There is a apparently a USB port in the downtube. PS anyone notice their firmware revision on boot up?
  10. Blue Bill

    Stromer Torque Sensor Adjustment

    I run my sensor assist at 20%, there is a noticeable difference from 30% but toggling between ECO and City during a ride is easy enough.
  11. Blue Bill

    Bike repair stand

    Same here, got one in Toronto for $110 on sale. It holds my 60lb ST1 no problem.
  12. Blue Bill

    Stromer ST1 Review - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I got the sticky rear brake lever to finally work smoothly. I used Tamiya Ceramic Grease on the spring and hinge points. Seems to have done the trick. I've also learned how to adjust the rear derailleur with the help of a ParkTool stand. Next on the list is learning to replace the brake pads.
  13. Blue Bill

    Stromer ST1 Review - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Gus: Is the freewheel just a standard Shimano cassette replacement? Is it something end use swappable (yes I enjoy tinkering with my ST1) I also changed the rear tube to a thick mountain tube.
  14. Blue Bill

    Stromer ST1 Review - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Seems the sticky Regen 2 on is the brake lever is because it's not springing back all the way. Any suggestions on grease or lube for brake levers?
  15. Blue Bill

    Sticky Regen2 mode when braking?

    I can reproduce it fairly easily, I bought some contact cleaner and gave it a liberal shot. I'll let it work in to see if it makes a difference.
  16. Blue Bill

    Stromer ST1 Review - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I spend a couple of hours going through those videos, with some adjustment it's better than it used to be. Now I have to figure out that sticky electric brake sensor. Is it reed, hall or just a switch?
  17. Blue Bill

    Stromer ST1 Review - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Took my 2014 ST1 Elite for a 150km ride recently. Total of 1800km now. The rear derailleur now skips gears (it's always shifted poorly even after taking it to three different bike shops). The freewheel still makes all sorts of clicking noise. The electric brake switch sensor seems sticky...
  18. Blue Bill

    Sticky Regen2 mode when braking?

    Recently my ST1 has started to stay in Regen 2 mode after releasing the rear brake lever about 50% of the time. It'll stay in that mode until I hit the brake again or tap. Any suggestions on how to diagnose or repair this? Is it something I have to get repaired at the dealer or a DIY fix?
  19. Blue Bill

    Poll... How is your Stromer holding up?

    Two months old, 1500km. Two flats on the rear tire, changed to a thick mountain tube and no problems since. Broken rear spoke, easy to fix. Leaking front brake when brand new (replaced) Headset needed tightening three times (easy) Noisy freewheel (apparently this is common) Rear derailleur...
  20. Blue Bill

    Going the distance on an ST1

    I wish a 814Ah battery was available for the ST1