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  1. Latitude

    Trek Powerfly FS 4

    Looking longingly at this bike. Having done everything I can to make my Verve + 3 into a trail bike, and being very satisfied with the results, I still like the idea of a stripped down dual suspension bike that I could attack steeper trails with, as I’m out on them nearly every day. Wouldn’t...
  2. Latitude

    Had to have a deer tick removed today!

    Getting dressed for my ride today, I noticed a red mark and protrusion on my side. On closer examination, I was pretty sure it was a tick. Went to emerge, as Lyme Disease is a threat here. Had it removed, on antibiotics, no ride today. Watch out Northeast friends. There was no pain to draw...
  3. Latitude

    I could see my next bike being an R&M Homage

    Turned over 4000 km on my Trek Verve + 3 today, in less than 4 months. Very happy with it riding on and off roads with some modifications... it’s no longer really a commuter bike, nor was it ever that for me. Got looking at the Scooteretti lineup here in Canada after my ride today. The R&M...
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    Trek Verve + 3 here

    I just want to weigh in about the Verve + 3. It is often dismissed here as underpowered or overpriced. And that may be true, but arguably, it is not aimed at an enthusiast market such as a majority of members here. If you look at reviews on the Trek website, you will find that the Verve + 3 has...
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    New Trek

    Just received this email today...
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    Colder weather clothing

    I’m finding it interesting that as the weather gets cooler here, I am layering up for biking in a similar way that I do for sailing. Lightweight technical shirts, possibly adding a fleece, then a rain or wind shell that is breathing (Arcteryx). For heavier weather I have a Gill offshore hooded...
  7. Latitude

    Rear cassette replacement for Verve + 3

    I am now in possession of Park Tools to remove/replace my rear cassette and chain, thinking this will be needed as I have over 3000 Km on the bike now and on my second chain... although I think the first one has life left in it at .50 wear. When I replace the cassette, I will do a new chain...
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    Ordered new 4 season tires

    I have ordered these on Amazon... they’re not in stock, but hope they will be by the time I need them to replace my pretty street-oriented Bontragers.
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    Tires for my Trek Verve + 3 off-road

    I apologize if this is repetitive to current threads... I have been riding my Verve + 3 for over 3000 km now, and am increasingly going off-road with suspension seat post and stem. Loving it. The conditions aren’t that challenging for my Bontrager HardCase 700x50 tires, although I have had a...
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    Advice on eBikes to my facebook friends

    I just posted this on my facebook page: So, as most of you know, I have been riding an eBike for a little over two months now... usually 30 to 40 km per day. Over 2750 km in total now. I thought I would share some of my experiences and observation... all of which are overwhelmingly positive...
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    Home repair... manuals and manageable?

    I am a guy who really gets into anything I try out. Sailing, woodworking, gardening, painting, photography... I’m pretty good at all of those. Partly because I have an extensive library of books at home on all of the above. So my attention is turning toward bikes, the reason I am here. I am...
  12. Latitude

    Redshift ShockStop seatpost and stem installed

    I have been using the Redshift ShockStop stem for about a week, and today my new ShockStop seatpost arrived. Took the bike for a ride over some rough patches I usually prefer to skirt around. I am very impressed with both of these additions! Together they do just what they say: Take the shock...
  13. Latitude

    Does everyone use a torque wrench?

    I just received delivery of one after tightening screws by guess for a couple of months. I assume it’s good practice to use one, and have checked/reset some. Advice?
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    116 vs 118 link chain

    Today I started to replace the 9 speed chain on my Verve + 3 with a new Shimano chain (the system is Alivio). Having removed the worn chain and matched the new one (116 links) next to the factory original, it came up 2 links short... the original was 118. I called my Trek store to ask about it...
  15. Latitude

    What do you carry for spares?

    I have a Trek Verve + 3 that I ride pretty much daily, 30 to 40 km. In the 6 weeks I have owned it, I am coming up close to 2000 total kilometers. I ride for recreation and exercise, on streets, paved tracks, gravel trails and some single track including in a nearby provincial park. I am often...
  16. Latitude

    Hi from Ontario, Canada

    I bought a Trek Verve + 3 over a month ago and have put 1000 miles (1600+ kilometers) on it. Not my first bike, or ebike, but the first good ebike... the other 2 didn‘t last... department store quality. I used to bike a lot every day with friends, but got out of the habit for over 10-15 years...