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  1. Richard Spensley

    Turbo 2015 base model Battery at 98%

    My battery has NEVER shown 100% charge. I've only owned the bike for a couple of months and it was a demo model (100kms on the odo when I bought it) but the battery never charges to 100%. Is this normal? I didn't think anything of it at first as I couldn't tell if I had just missed it being 100%...
  2. Richard Spensley

    New Turbo rider

    Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself properly as a new Turbo owner. Thanks to the conversations on this forum and the review from EBR I made the decision to buy a demo model base Turbo 2015 for a (reduced!) price of NZD$4500. I have been riding it for just over a week on my 19km each...