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    Do you have an update on your bike? Pros - Cons? Does is meet your expectations?
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    Magnum Low Rider

    We're also in the D.C. area looking at this Magnum among other models. Two Magnum dealers in the area. You can search for them on Magnum's website. Called both and neither had this model in stock to checkout. They can order the bike for you and assemble it giving you a local bike shop for...
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    Thanks. I'll have a look there.
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    I want to purchase a Dost but won't until I see some customer reviews. Please Dost, ask your first batch of customers to review their bikes and post to this forum.
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    Level 2020

    Can any owners describe the build process on this particular model when they received it. EBR's Pace review indicated more work is needed to build the bike out of the box than other brands. I'm interested in this model, have basic handyman skills, but have never put a bike together.
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    this $1500 electric bike ships right to your door

    Clearly some comprises here but still may be a good value priced bike in the Charge Comfort and City versions. 250W hub motor, very basic display and controls, no motor cutoff on brakes that I can see. Other basic (and easy to find) parts. I think the intent is to get this to the customer...