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  1. Atticus21

    Did I blow the controller?

    Update: I spoke with Chris Head of Lectric Cycles and Sterling of Bend Electric Bikes. They agree I blew the controller. The moral of the story is to disconnect the leads to the motor before messing with the mounting screws. It sounds like there are capacitors in the motor that hold enough...
  2. Atticus21

    Did I blow the controller?

    I took the bike in to Bend Electric Bikes. They built it for me. WE looked at it together, It certainly seems that the motor is not getting the juice. The owner was surprised that the electric discharge could fry it. He said he'd talk with Lectric Cycles about it on Monday. Thanks for the...
  3. Atticus21

    Did I blow the controller?

    I have a very new 1000w BBsHD E-Rad installed on a Motorbecane Night Train Fattie build up by my local e-bike shop. Today I noticed I have a new problem and was hoping for some online advice/troubleshooting. Last time I rode it they was not a problem - other than a nice endo crash - but it...
  4. Atticus21

    E-RAD MTB review

    Dokker, I'd love to hear what bike they built for you. Did you ordered it and have it mailed to Chris? Or did they order it themselves and mail it to you completed? What was the turn around time? Got any pics? Thanks, Atticus
  5. Atticus21

    Smiling with E-Rad 750w

    About 2-3 weeks ago I purchase a Specialized Fuse 27.5+ bike and had a E-Rad 750w install by Bend Electric Bikes here in Oregon. I had several phones calls to Chris at Lectric Cycles and Sterling and Sam at Bend Electric Bikes. The bike is all set up and I've been riding it hard on a great...