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  1. Mike Smith

    Career Opportunities in Ebikes?

    I would love to find career opportunity in the the ebike world on the East Coast, live I MD, as I believe this is the wave of the future in biking for a variety of the biking market, including biking commuters, seniors who just want to get out and ride again, anyone with other physical...
  2. Mike Smith

    New Lumos Helmet Kickstarter

    Looks promising. I would get one. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
  3. Mike Smith

    Surface 604 Finally Surfaced

    Hey surface 604 has finally surfaced. Too little too late imho, and only 250 or 350W options, forget about it. Looks like they spent too much time designing and too little time asking what people actually want in a fat bike. Anyway enjoy. They are way late to market imho. Not a bad looking...
  4. Mike Smith

    Brooks Saddle Treatment, Pre-aged

    Anyone else here riding a Brooks pre-aged saddle? I have the B17 S pre-aged saddle and am looking for others with similar saddles for ideas to treat it with conditioners. I have not used anything on it yet but know I will need to condition it soon. I have Proofide from Brooks as well as...
  5. Mike Smith

    New Diamondback and Raleigh

    We're now officially a two ebike family. Just had my first 10 mile ride with some hills that make me short winded walking up and the DB made them feel easy. Easily got up to 28 mph on flats but that's actually faster than I feel comfortable riding in an urban setting. My wife just got her...
  6. Mike Smith

    Pulling the trigger

    After exhaustive research I've finally decided to buy the Diamondback Trace EXC tomorrow. I can buy it from my local Performance Bike shop and get 20% back in store credit of almost $500 plus free Shipping at set up at the store. They are not the most knowledgeable ebike store but they will...
  7. Mike Smith

    Bionx on Raleigh CameoCameo

    My wife and I are in the market for ebikes and she is very interested in having the 350W rack mounted Bionx system installed on a Raleigh Cameo bike. This bike would be perfect for her style of riding. It's a steel urban style bike and she finds it very comfortable. Does this seem like a good...
  8. Mike Smith

    Evo 27.5 talk me out of it, lol

    After months of research, I think I have finally decided on the Evo 27.5. I'm 50 and 250 lbs, want to ride longer and flatten out hills, exercise, and lose some weight. Will test ride next week hopefully. If it is a good ride I plan to buy ,but please tell me what else to test before...
  9. Mike Smith

    Weight on 350W

    I'm 250 lb. I really like the Evo 27.5. Is the 350W motor enough to help me through hard packed trails with a few gentle hills? Looking to lose some weight so it will only get better with time. Still think I need 500w or more. Any comments are welcome, except skip a meal fat boy. Thanks.
  10. Mike Smith

    2015 Surface 604

    Anyone have any update on the new Surface 604? All there website says is "something special coming your way". I would love to test ride on if I can find a dealer anywhere in the MD, NJ, VA, DE area, but unlikely. Found this site and was told when i called that it is the same bike as Surface...
  11. Mike Smith

    Bat Bike

    Anyone have any experience with Bat Bikes. Coming to a local dealer and I am looking at the Big Foot. Obviously Chinese made but good recommendations from my local dealer so far, from what he knows. Delivery expected in 3 to 5 weeks. Good discounted price and looks like OK...
  12. Mike Smith

    Similar Bikes?

    Am I alone in thinking these bikes look alike? Different brand names, but almost identical specs? One from US, one from Switzerland, one from Canada, one from some factory out of China. Yes, Stromer has some high tech features, but you pay a premium for this bike and dearly for any upgrades...
  13. Mike Smith

    Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel

    Any thoughts on this new product soon to be released? Looks perfect for my wife's 26 in hybrid with little or no interaction needed from the rider, any easy installation. Just wish they had it in 500 w or higher but maybe down the road. Just looking for light trail use to extend rides and...
  14. Mike Smith

    Buying direct from Asia; Alibaba

    Does anyone have experience buying e-bikes directly from Asia through a site like Alibaba. Some of the bikes can be purchased individually. The more research I do, the more it appears that most of the e-bikes sold in the US are coming in from Asia as many of the bikes on Alibaba for example...
  15. Mike Smith

    e-joe Koda?

    First thanks to all the community members as this is a great resource site for info on e- bikes. Does anyone have any experience or info on the new 2015 e-joe Koda? Looks like a nice package for the price but there is little info online, maybe because it is so new. If I buy one I will post a...
  16. Mike Smith

    Golden Motor MT-2009

    Does anyone have experience or a review of this bike? It looks like a good bike for the money but I can't find much info or good reviews online. Thanks