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    Driven Bikes - anyone heard of them?

    Meh, looks like another overpriced drop-shipper fly-by-night . I wouldn't touch them. And what's the deal with Bolton? Seems another one-man shop reselling Chinese bikes - just buy direct and skip the markup.
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    Super Commuter Version 1.1

    Ive got the EX-1 on my Ultra-powered emtb. It's a stout cassette and the only one that can handle the power of an unrestricted Ultra - otherwise the motor chews up and spits out lesser cassettes - bent my OEM cassette on the first ride when aggressively shifting. However, for a road bike with...
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    Luna Cycle finally selling Apollo emtb 'best ebike ever'

    Frey isn't much cheaper if you have it air-freighted and consider that it has lower spec components. Apollo is indeed well-priced for what you get. Still, if you actually use the Apollo as an emtb, it will be outrageous overkill on everything but the steepest of steep climbs. The nice thing...
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    Luna Cycle finally selling Apollo emtb 'best ebike ever'

    About the only thing that's in the ballpark is Exess' carbon emtb - Luna has their specially adapted Ultra and controller to handle bigger power. But I think Exess has better component choices, albeit smaller battery and power rating.
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    Luna Cycle finally selling Apollo emtb 'best ebike ever'

    Eric at Luna doesn't give a crap about the legal niceties, nor anything that isn't directed towards speed/racing (hence nothing remotely commuterish/geezerish). He builds fast bikes/scooters and laws be damned...
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    Luna Cycle finally selling Apollo emtb 'best ebike ever' YouTube vid: $5550.95 in stock. Custom carbon frame. 52v 21ah Quality components. Very well priced. All the snowflakes will flip out...
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    28 mph is FAST!

    The Bafang Ultra 750w (nominal) is legal in the US. Having ridden 250w bikes, simply no comparison with an Ultra. Fwiw, just did 6 day ebike tour in New Zealand on a nice 250w Shimano mid-motor Merida eSpresso 800, but I was constantly jonesing to push faster than 25kph (15mph) - once you did...
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    $10,000 off Haibike FullSeven Carbon 10.0 ? Buy it or not?

    Check out Excess full carbon emtb with much more powerful Bafang Ultra 48v motor and larger battery for similar price. That Haibike 36v motor is weak and the battery is small.
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    Damn Shame About Faraday

    Bizarre then that they can't be bothered to set the record straight here on the biggest online ebike-specific site - doesn't engender much confidence in my eyes. But then again, Faraday products always seemed more hype than substance, so no real surprise. I remember Cort going to their cool...
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    Inerbike cancels 2019 show and fires staff

    Yup, it's like any business where's there are low barriers to entry. Especially now with the proliferation of Indiegogo and other funding sites where little more than a bit of marketing hype can get you prefunded with little skin in the game if it fails - now we see the hype has switched to...
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    Inerbike cancels 2019 show and fires staff Attendance way off and bike industry riding on hard times. Got to be a shakeout coming - just too many brands with very little differentiation...
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    Evelo Aurora 2018 750w

    You'd add at least another $1K to the price and need a bigger battery to feed more angry pixxies to that motor. Ultra is overkill on a road bike - it's got huge torque better suited for climbing.
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    Jet Bike makes e-biking effortless, but noisy

    Dopey, but different take on an ebike...
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    Evelo Aurora 2018 750w

    Interesting - Fully Loaded version isn't on the site any longer. It had the 750w w/Harmony. No, it isn't the Ultra motor.
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    New E-Bike for aussie to commute to work around 60km round trip

    Have you looked at Juiced CCX? Don't know if they export down under though.
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    Evelo Aurora 2018 750w

    The display isn't removable - at least not without removing 2 screws holding it to the handlebar and disconnecting some wires. You'd have to be very determined to want to steal it - not all that valuable - something like $90 if I remember correctly
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    Schwalbe Marathon Plus a lot worse than stock Kenda tires!

    Perhaps you may have contaminated your rotors and/or pads when you swapped tires? Even oils from your hands on rotors are enough to cause poor brake performance. Try cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and/or light sanding. Changing tires shouldn't have much effect on braking performance absent...
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    FLX Blade Long Term

    There's a 1yr warranty. Frey has been good at taking care of any issues and does continual product improvement since they are the manufacturer/designer.
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    FLX Blade Long Term

    FLX Blade is nice bike, but it's a hardtail. For $4K, can buy a full suspension Frey AM 1000. Full suspension emtb with...
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    ASE, owner of Performance Bicycle and ASI, to file for Chapter 11