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    E-RAD MTB review

    I have been researching and going back and forth on all kinds of bikes for 6 months. This website was so informative. Thank you Court, George S., Ravi Kempaiah, and Crazy Lenny for answering my posts and for everyone else’s help. I finally decided and made the purchase! I really was reluctant...
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    Confused on What to Order

    When I go to purchase the 750W kit without battery I have an option for low volt cut. What is the difference? I want to purchase it without the battery because I want a dolphin case. Cost is no issue I want the...
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    Getting ready to pull the trigger-last questions

    Hello everyone, I was waiting until I saw the 2016 Easy Motion line-up before making my purchase. Now that I know there is nothing that is going to blow me away in 2016 I decided to make a purchase from our local authorized dealer within the next 7-10 days. But I have a few questions I was...