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    Trueing stand

    I need a good Park Trueing stand ,and axle that can slide through St2 motor and support wheel so I can do spoke trueing. Thanks in advance. Ran over a scrap circiut board, caused flat and maybe more damage.
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    Kill switch for e - bikes

    Before something happens , like run away bike, like someone mentioned happened to them. Just like motorcycles have on the handlebars .
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    Hai Bike demo rides

    I read that Hai Bike is taking. a demo truck around giving test rides . Does anyone know if their coming to any Texas stops?
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    Sail powered trike

    Don't know much about it but sure does look nice. Heard capable of 30 mph.! Looks to be unavailable in U.S.A. Produced in the Netherlands. Electric assist option 1 model. Or no sail and super nice lite recumbent.
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    Houston Ebike expo

    Went to opening day Fri. meet and greet , and was surprised to see demo rides being offered . Rode a bunch of new models . The ones that impressed were the Focus MTB, Kalkoff Integrale, and the Trek road bike. The Stromer with Slumph crank ( heal kick was unique). Unable to give a report on an...
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    Those needing Turbo help ( wiring )

    Go to Should have what you need with lots of pics.
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    St2 Big Ben OEM"s

    Just about time to need some new tires. Would be nice to have the same Big Ben"s ( high performance with green guard ) that The St 2 came witb put on. As these the finest tires that I have ever riden on. Anyone know of a source to aquire these ? Or were these a one time promotional deal Stromer...
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    Scott E-Genius Plus MTB

    I just tried to get one. No can do in North America as far as I was told. Reviews seem quite favorable 6k US. EU is going to have fun with that one. And Scott Ebikes are entering US market in 2016. Someone please explain.
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    Recent reviews by Court

    Does anyone know if on the site there is a place where Courts recent e-bike reviews are posted?
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    St2 battery scuff marks

    Noticed some pretty deep wear mark's from door . Probably from vibration. I placed some Mylar tape over the Mark's. Also yoke or headstock needed to be tightenened. Pretty rough roads around these parts.
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    Green Festival San Fransico

    Nov 13 Stromer is attending. Austin soon ?
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    Debris on roads ( sticks)

    With fall in the air I have observed alot of sticks where I live falling from the trees. I have seen pics. of crushed front fenders resulting in riders being launched over the handlebars from running over sticks . If a large stick pops up from rolling over and doesn't snap, it can become wedged...
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    Interbike trade show on tv fri. night

    7-8 central pm. Universal sports . C hannel 407 here USA. Saturday also numerous times
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    Cane creek anti-headshake remedy

    Cane Creek unveiled a new system at Eurobike. It's supposed to solve high-speed head shake. It uses gel coated washers that go on head stock, and as the bikes handle bar begins to shake the gel will thicken and stop the shaking. Pretty ingenious! Euro- bike news article said only certain...
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    Why I enjoy my St2

    2 things always jump out 1st. This was my 1st time using hydraulic brakes , and 1st e-bike, and these maguras are the bomb. So confidence inspiring. Next is the crispness of shifting, very rapid and solid. I really enjoy a bike that is almost silent, and the St2 comes through in spades in this...
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    niThudbuster users

    My LT Thudbuster recently developed some snap, crackel, and pop sounds that sounded like the seat was going to snap right off. I attribute it to a downpour I got caught in. I mean a gully washer. The streets were even flooded. I tried spraying Tri- flow which helped a little but still had...
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    Road Surface

    Wanted to share some of what I've learned on riding my St2. Crushed Granite seems to be popular these days where I live. Since hearing some of the grinding in either the brake caliper or cluster , I avoid the stuff like the plague. Big Bens tread seems to like to pick the bits of Granite up and...
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    Brooks seat cover

    I found a great cover for my Brooks B-17. Brooks name on cover. They come different sizes. I got the one just right for my seat. Goes on quick, and provides great UV protection when parked. Will use next time I get caught in a heavy rain.
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    Seat Post sliding down

    Can't seem to solve this issue. I've snapped the bolt on my St2 from repeated tightening. I use a Thudbuster and Brooks B-17. I weigh 203 lbs. I have recently ordered a backup clamp for post . As having this bolt snap while adjusting back up while 20 miles from home , well would be a major...