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    Just purchased a 2016 Base Turbo

    Hi Ron, where did you get Origin 8 Space Bar? Is this the same one? (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) Thanks! Scott
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    Latest Greatest Kickass Biktrix Juggernaut

    I'm intrigued. I'm literally about to pull the trigger on a Juiced CrossCurrant tomorrow from my LBS, to use as a commuter. Anything further you can add on this? Will it be a speed pedelec? That is one of my must-haves. But I'd love a belt drive, Nuvinci geared bike. How about price range and...
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    Cross Current

    What brand and size of fenders is that?
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    Looks like Ridekick is back in production

    Hi Korvus, Thanks for the great update earlier this week. Any additional thoughts as you've continued to use your Ridekick this week? I'm trying to decide between the Ridekick (with upgraded battery) with my own Surly Crosscheck and possibly a Juiced CrossCurrent given that they are fairly...
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    I need e-bike suggestions

    Cool. Looking forward to hearing more!
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    I need e-bike suggestions

    Did you receive your Ridekick? Curious to hear how that works for you!
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    Dillenger/Arc 1000w Rear Hub Direct Drive Kit feedback

    Thanks for asking. I've been meaning to report back, but have been traveling extensively these past couple of weeks. In India at the moment. So my experience was quite a frustrating one, which ultimately led to me having to return the kits. The folks at Dillenger were really helpful and...
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    My new 2016 Turbo base model

    Awesome! Looks to me about perfect! What did this cost, in total, with all your additions?
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    Freewheel to Rear Hub Motor Install Troubles

    Thanks, JoePah. You are absolutely right. I was using the term incorrectly, and I've updated the title of the post accordingly. Thanks for helping set me straight on that! This kit is using a freewheel, not a cassette. It turns out that there was a spacer that was supposed to go between the...
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    Freewheel to Rear Hub Motor Install Troubles

    So I just got my rear hub-drive kit in the mail today. I'll be posting more about that in the Dillenger forum, but I'm stuck on something more basic. Could use some help. My kit came with a 9-speed rear cassette that was not installed on the wheel. Seems like it ought to be a really simple...
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    Dillenger/Arc 1000w Rear Hub Direct Drive Kit feedback

    Well, unfortunately I've had a bit of a setback. The Arc kit arrived yesterday. It was not packaged well, and looked like it had been through some rough handling. I took pictures of the condition of the items and sent them off to Sam. He responded almost immediately and made arrangements for a...
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    Dillenger/Arc 1000w Rear Hub Direct Drive Kit feedback

    Interesting. I never really looked into the shipping costs for kits coming from China. Shipping on this kit for me was $38.
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    Dillenger/Arc 1000w Rear Hub Direct Drive Kit feedback

    Hi everyone, After an exhaustive review of ebikes and kits, I finally made a decision to purchase the new Dillenger/Arc 1000w direct drive rear hub kit. ( The kit is in transit now scheduled to...
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    Ride Report for Falco Emotor Bike

    Thanks, DR! That was kind of my thinking exactly. I didn't want to limit myself unnecessarily. While I may choose to ride slower most of the time, I want the option of being able to go faster if desired. So in the end, I did in fact decide to take the plunge and purchase the Dillenger/Arc 1000w...
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    Reposted: Considering buying the new Dillenger/Arc kit - thoughts?

    So here's an update. After an exhaustive 6+ week deep dive study into all things electric bikes, and communicating directly with Lectric Cycles, EM3EV, Dillinger, my local ebike shop, and others, and reading countless reviews, websites, watching every video I could find, etc., etc., in the end I...
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    DiamondBack - Dillenger Ebike Conversion

    That's nice to hear! If you can get 25mph without much effort, what then do you think would be the top speed you could attain consistently while peddling?
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    DiamondBack - Dillenger Ebike Conversion

    Interesting! I'm currently debating between the new Dillinger 350w and 1000w kits. I'm curious what the top speed is on your bike, and how fast you can cruise at consistently on flat roads. Yours is similar to their Arc 350w system, but not entirely the same.
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    Initial Review: Dillenger 48v 10amp 1000w Rear Direct Drive Motor kit

    Great to hear you're continuing to have a good experience with this kit. I would be curious to hear more about your setup. When I googled "Diamondback Traverse", I only found older circa 1990's steel framed bikes with caliper rim brakes. Is that what you're riding? If so, that's somewhat...
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    Reposted: Considering buying the new Dillenger/Arc kit - thoughts?

    Very interesting! Thanks, Court! I was not familiar with EM3EV. I see what you mean about these kits being more cost effective! I really haven't put any effort into researching the middrive kits. They seem like they'd be more complicated to install. Between the two you have there, which is...