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    Lectric XP with out-of-round wheel

    My lectric xp arrived with a rear wheel 1/8 inch out-of-round. A pretty bad freewheel wobble too, but that's not the main concern. The out of roundness causes the bike to very noticeably hop at cruising speeds. I jacked the bike up, and made a short video, here; and sent it to lectric. Got a...
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    Yes it is shoveling season in cold country, but the guys at the DOT keep the highways clean so I will be able to take a "test ride" very soon. Will update thread as conditions, and time permit. Pretty excited...YES. Stay tuned..... Rick in Nova Scotia.
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    Anyone know of Taotao, or Ewind bikes ?

    Hi all, new here, Like it say Rick from Nova Scotia, a near E-bike virgin, I test drove a 250 watt front hub Giant once. Anyway I need to get me some E-sistance, and the choices are just too numerous, and of course everyone has the best. I don't believe everything I hear. I actually test drove...