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    maintenance books for e-bikes

    Does anyone know if thier are any books or manuals for the proper maintenance of electric bikes in general. any thing that a new bike owner should have to help keep their bike running in top form? thanks Carl.
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    pick up truck bike carrier

    Anyone have a good way to haul a bike in the bed of a pick up without scratching the bike or know of a bike rack that will work on a pick up truck?
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    mail order e bikes

    I would like from others their opinion on if it is a good idea to buy an electric bike from a source that would have to ship it to me ( the nearest electric bike shop is 150 miles away) and how complicated are they for the average person to put together and adjust out of the box? Thanks. Carl
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    e-bike and hip replacements

    I am about to under go hip replacement and was wondering if I can expect to be able to ride an electric bike after surgery? I worry about balance and would like to hear from anyone who has gone thru this themselves and what suggestions they might have. Thank you. Carl.
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    mid drive w/ throttle ?

    Does'nt anyone produce a mid drive e-bike with a throttle ? If not why? Thanks Carl.
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    easy motion nitro

    Can anyone tell me if Easy Motion has discontinued the Nitro line of bikes for 2017? Thanks Carl.
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    Brose motor

    Anyone have information on the new brose motor being introduced on the 2017 line of easy motion bikes? I understand that they are belt driven. Any Idea if the belts will stretch over time? I wonder what kind of test they have been subjected to. Carl.
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    2017 road test

    Has anyone done a road test review on the BH 2017 Revo diamond wave yet?
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    compare heading

    I hope this is the right area for this question. I am having a problem getting the compare part of the electric bike review to work. I have tried several times to compose a list of bikes to compare and was only able to make work once. I am not even sure what I did to get that! Can anyone tell me...
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    Step Thru frame

    Iam looking for opinions on Step -thru model bikes since have arthritis in my hip. Looking at some of the low step thru designs the frames look weak to me. Will these frames support a 200 lbs plus rider? Thanks.