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    2,000 EUR electric car

    Suck it up, Tesla :)
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    Noseless saddle?

    Please don't throw stones yet. Yeah, I know, - people rode 100,000 miles and never used noseless, never felt like they needed one, etc etc. I'm not a roadie or a hardcore off-roader. Got back in saddle after decades, now in my 60s. Relaxed upright cruising, paved and hard-packed dirt, no speedy...
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    Fire in the hole: battery on airplane (again)

    External laptop battery caught fire in overhead bin yesterday: It was not being charged at that time. Laptop batteries are small, but external banks can be 80-150 WH. Just a...
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    Luna Smoothie cruiser... almost like Biktrix Stunner

    Luna Smoothie: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) Biktrix Stunner: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) (Court reviewed an early version, now it's got better, with internal gears and front disc brake). Both are step-through, mid-drive Bafang, rear internal cassette gears, downtube-mounted battery...