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    Luna Cycle finally selling Apollo emtb 'best ebike ever' YouTube vid: $5550.95 in stock. Custom carbon frame. 52v 21ah Quality components. Very well priced. All the snowflakes will flip out...
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    Inerbike cancels 2019 show and fires staff Attendance way off and bike industry riding on hard times. Got to be a shakeout coming - just too many brands with very little differentiation...
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    Jet Bike makes e-biking effortless, but noisy

    Dopey, but different take on an ebike...
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    ASE, owner of Performance Bicycle and ASI, to file for Chapter 11
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    Chinese Singles Day deals (11/11) Some decent deals on motors, batteries, DIY kits
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    Attempt to regain Guinness World Record for the longest journey on ebike

    "This journey is also an attempt to regain his Guinness World Record for the longest journey on an motorized bicycle — a title he previously held for a short time in 2013 before an American cyclist topped Halmo’s 6,721 kilometre record before the certificate even arrived in the mail. The...
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    E-bike DIY kit explodes and burns down home " a do-it-yourself e-bike kit. Resident Robert Floto, 25, told investigators he was assembling the bike in a first-floor bedroom when two battery terminals accidentally made...
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    Xiaomi’s new $261 electric bicycle prepares to turn the ebike industry on its head 36v 220wh battery w/250w motor. 37lbs. All internal wiring and lights powered by the battery. $261 is essentially a disposable bike.
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    US proposes 25% tariffs on Chinese ebikes Another ridiculous tax on US consumers.
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    SmartMotion XCity - awesome video New Zealand

    Check out this fantastic video of someone traveling all around New Zealand for a month on the SmartMotion XCity step-thru.
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    3D Print your own carbon bike frame
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    R&m Delite Mountain Rohloff with eShift

    Really nice review from Cirrus Cycles (this guy does excellent reviews)
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    Easy Motion ATOM X LYNX 6 27.5 + PRO 2018

    Curious if anyone has this bike yet? If so, any comments you'd like to share? (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
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    Hit-and-Run Fatalities Soar as More People Bike to Work - WSJ

    Hit-and-Run Fatalities Soar as More People Bike to Work Report finds close to 70% of fatalities are cyclists or pedestrians By Scott Calvert April 26, 2018 5:30 a.m. ET Hit-and-run crash deaths are rising nationwide, and pedestrians and bicyclists account for close to 70% of the victims...
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    Ebike sales up strongly yoy "As has been the case for several years, e-bike sales bolstered the report. Electric bikes accounted for 9.8 percent of all wholesale bike sales in the first quarter, up from 5.5...
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    Evelo Aurora 2018 750w

    2018 "fully loaded" version has new mid-motor 750w (1000w peak) Bafang 48v11.6ah with Nuvinci Harmony Doesn't ship until late June. Pre-order special until 4/19 w/$300 coupon for accessories in their store. $2974 shipped. Wife just placed...