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    New to Stromer ST2

    Back from my ride over 100 Fahrenheit heat index. Doused head a shirt with gallon of water periodically which I carried in a net on top of my panniers. Wish I knew how to post pics. As to Abus lock info. I prefer the extra long folding one. $150 and up. Someone commented about it today when I...
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    New to Stromer ST2

    Goin riding I'll get back. Don't hesitate , any questions really.
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    Forum Updates and Feedback

    Hey Court, your topic brings up something that I was wondering the other day. Some sites have ways to help out through donations like PayPal . Is this what we need ? If not just want you to know my appreciation of yours and moderators efforts . The resolution was great on the cargo bikes review...
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    St2 Big Ben OEM"s

    I have an ongoing order with them for some OEM tires Rick .I'll post what I recieve. I had my 1st punture on flimsy Big Bens , horrific sound as huge screw slammed into rear finder as it traveled around. Even made a slight dent on inside wheel . Got some Zefal foam tire sealant onboard for the...
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    First up........LOVE my new Bulls E-stream FS3 27.5

    I've riden both , and would be happy with either. The Levo seems to be a tad superior , only because of all the app inputs. You can even check tire pressure with the app ! LBS is having Levo trail demo rides soon , and will get back with experience.
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    Maybe those those extenders that go on the ends of grips that curl up, would give your wrists more positions to hold handlebars. Great your back.
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    New to Stromer ST2

    Welcome to ebikes . I rented a wonderful Trek MTB FS yesterday, but no way was it like a riding an ebike ! Here ya go - Thudbuster LT , with Brooks B-17 ( suspension ) Kuat NV ( bike rack ) Abus folding bike locks ( I double up two to reach) Velosurance ( bike insurance) Mini vise grip to...
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    Bike Rack for 2 E-Bikes

    Ditto Kuat NV2, love mine.
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    Best Noise Free Pads For ST2 Stromer

    Here you go, St2 2015 Jagwire Pro / magura / mt6, mt8, / semi -metallic mt4 , mt2 /
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    Best Noise Free Pads For ST2 Stromer

    Jagwire semi-metalics are what I have been using on my St2 maguras for awhile. Super quiet and long lasting. Beaded properly , brake squealing will be a thing of the past, have not had them in the rain though. Swiss Stops go on next , but that could be quite awhile . Did an inspection the other...
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    2016 Grants Awarded for Bike Infrastructure and Programs

    Yeah ! Saw lots of bikes out today. Austin Texas. And yes it's HOT . Rented a MTB FS Trek 2016 for some early mornin spinnin , before the heat cranks up.
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    Just pulled the trigger on a new ebike

    Thanks for posting, Bulls produce some fine bikes , but I can't see the need of a hard tail, off - road. Could you enlighten me on how it takes bumps . I ride an St2 , with suspension seatpost , so I would appreciate more info. your choosing a hard-tail . On a previous post you explained , but...
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    What do you expect from an E-bike?

    Emergency on / off switch , like most motorcycles have on the handlebars.
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    Newbie Question on Car Transport - How? Dedicated E-Bike Car Racks?

    I'm getting to know my Kuat NV ( for 2 bikes ) as a road trip is on the horizon. So far very pleased with rack. The quality and ease of loading my St2 is superb. Brilliant design. Obviously alot testing went into final production. The price and weight is exorbitant though .Now I see why I see...
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    Rearview mirror standard on ST2 -bikes ? If not, any mirrror to reccomend ?

    To kind , but thanks . After adjusting to helmet mirror, I feel akward when I forget to attach it to my helmet immedidatly.For those interested Schwalbe North America is prompt on deleveries. 2 days I think it took recieve my tubes. Quality products and excellent service!
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    Rearview mirror standard on ST2 -bikes ? If not, any mirrror to reccomend ?

    Helmet mirror is mandatory for me. Must have for safe cycling.
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    10 Best e-MTB's of 2016

    I agree Jack, don't remember the exact model Bulls I rode at the Houston expo , but it sure impressed in all around MTB performance. The motor was a Brose , and had FS suspension.
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    Trueing stand

    Thanks everyone for all the advice on Truing stand . Off to Barnett Bicycle Institute in Colorado Springs this summer for 5 day basic training course , can't wait. Just went to 2 day training at LEVA Institute School in Fort Myers Florida. I really learned alot. If you can go that is very...
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    Bye Grace & hello Stromer :-) :-)

    Hi, like you elbikefun I was wanting a Grace model , but none to ride and weak US dealer support . I liked the looks and belt drive , and ofcourse German engineering. Good thing I passed as they have ceased operations here I read on the forum. Whew! As to the St2 choice was the phenomenal...
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    Bye Grace & hello Stromer :-) :-)

    Great choice, glad to hear search was in wks. Mine went on for months before everything pointed to St2. Just had to point the pen at the check. Glad I did , what abike ! Would do it again. Was the 1st in , Texas .Congrats