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    My New Piaggio Wi-bike has finally arrived from Vespa in NYC

    I am a huge Vespa fan (we own two and rent them frequently at vacation locations). Last year, Vespa announced its electric model, but so have pushed its date out to 2018. Glad to see that the other side of the house got out this beauty. If this EBike is as well made as Vespa scooters and...
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    Can e-bike batteries be charged with solar panels?

    You might consider something like this: with a smaller solar panel than in the picture above, you can top off the charger as you ride, then charge the...
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    The ethics of E-bikes. Interesting article, worth reading.

    Guys, look at the name of the blog: "BIKE SNOB" He is just living up to his own billing. Also, I have ridden a bike in New York City, and yes it is hilly in some places, and has some bike lanes, but not everywhere. He's also riding with a kid! A real, squirmy, looking around, throwing...
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    Inherited a Liberty Trike

    I was an investor on Indiegogo, intending to give the trike to my dad. He refused to use it, so I thought I would try it out before selling it. I got hooked. I am not their target demographic, as I am a motorcyclist and bicyclist, but the trike met a very particular need. Short trips with...
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    Sobering information about adults dying in bike/car collisions

    One thing they tell you in motorcycle safety courses is to ride as if you are invisible. it's good advice for bicycles riders, too. We have to look for ourselves
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    Sobering information about adults dying in bike/car collisions

    I use my bike for a variety of errands - going to classes, shopping, visiting - I work from home. It is astonishing how pissed off people get at me when I ride! Once, I was riding my bike in a cross walk, with the light and someone, making a left turn, yelled at me and honked the horn, as if I...
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    Upgrading Liberty Trike

    I have a Liberty Trike with about 700 miles on it. The trike is great for lots of reasons, but I am not its (current) target demographic, which is senior citizens who want a "mobility scooter." I am an active cyclist who prefers the trike when carrying art supplies and other cargo. Here's my...