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  1. Brian(J)

    When is the "right time" to charge the battery in order to take well care of it ?

    I posted upthread that I didn't have a problem charging to 100% twice a day, and that was true at that point. However, the battery just lost about 1/2 of it's capacity almost overnight, and the new battery was $600. So I am correcting my misleading post and buying an intelligent battery charger.
  2. Brian(J)

    E3 Dash problems-

    Resolved- The controller failed in some way and had to be replaced, and it is part of the motor core, so the whole shebang is now new. It was out of warranty and a $500 part, but I sent an email to Larry and Chawn and asked them to give me an exception to the warranty, or some sort of...
  3. Brian(J)

    E3 Dash problems-

    Thanks for the input. I found time to dig into the bike and it appears to be an intermitant connection in a connector block located behind a rubber plug just below the battery, at the bottom of the frame. It's a male to female molex connector that is loose in the connector body and it gets...
  4. Brian(J)

    When is the "right time" to charge the battery in order to take well care of it ?

    The advice from Adrian certainly matches up with everything I've heard and my BMW i3 cares for it's battery in just that way, regulating charge rate and temp, and it is widely known that the i3 has a 21 kW battery that is spec'ed as an 18.5 kW because the charge controller won't let it charge...
  5. Brian(J)

    E3 Dash problems-

    After 2,500 trouble-free miles my E3 has developed a major problem. On a very regular basis without any pattern I can figure out the power just cuts out. Sometimes the screen goes dark, sometimes not. Often the battery sate-of-charge lights goes out as well. A complete re-boot will almost always...
  6. Brian(J)

    What a Look (Defiant)

    The article refers to EV's that 'look like a phone booth on wheels' I suspect that refers to the BMW i3, we have a black and white one (panda edition) we refer to as our giant bathtub toy. We love it. I'm not sure the wh per mile is all that important as the cost to run any EV is so low that...
  7. Brian(J)

    Boeing warns airlines against flying battery shipments

    So far, two 747's and a DC8 have been destroyed and four crew killed from Lithium fires in cargo planes. (maybe more)
  8. Brian(J)

    IZIP E3 Protour‎ coming soon?

    OK, same size battery, 10 gear up from 9, hydraulic brakes, comes in three sizes, comes with light/rack/fenders/built-in rear wheel lock. Also a TranX suspension seatpost.
  9. Brian(J)

    IZIP E3 Protour‎ coming soon?

    Thanks for spotting that. I am very interested in how the mid drive integrates into the battery box/tube or however that is being done. My 2014 E3 dash is just a part of my routine now and never gives me a hint of trouble after I upgraded the brakes and installed the Jones H-bar. So I am in no...
  10. Brian(J)

    Faster Charging?

    In reference to: In theory it seems like an inverter generator able to run at 1800 watts (like a Honda 2000) should be able to charge the battery in under 1 hour, if this doesn't produce an overheating situation. I've given thought to how to run a charger for 6 hours when camping. One way is to...
  11. Brian(J)

    Bike Fit is the singular most important key to proper cycling.

    I am surprised more people don't have wrist and shoulder issues from mountain bike 'broomstick' handlebars. I had a lot of pain and had to go for PT- it was bad. Swapped to Jones "H bars" and solved the problem.
  12. Brian(J)

    "No Electric Bikes Allowed"

    OK, looks like there is a speed limit--- Over the years city, county, and Army Corp agencies have all had an impact on SART. At some point segments of the route came under Parks and Recreation jurisdiction. Their ordinance 2-5-43 requires bicycles be operated safe and reasonable speeds, but...
  13. Brian(J)

    "No Electric Bikes Allowed"

    Reading the small print at the bottom of the 'Report Violations Here' page it seem that PBN has it correct: Disclaimer: Freinds of the Santa Ana River Trail is not a law enforcement agency nor part of a governmental department. However through our volunteer work we support the efforts of local...
  14. Brian(J)

    Japanese "family" ebike

    I saw similar in Barcelona, a bike-crazy town. Folding bikes in every office and mom's with kids in Ebikes, same kid in front thing but kid seat much lower, smaller front tire out in front of the kid carrier. I think it was a 'keep the weight low' thing.
  15. Brian(J)

    Flat tires - how much of a problem should I expect?

    I am happy to report that I have zero flats on the stock CTS tires that came with my E3 Dash 1,600 miles ago. I did join the crowd in buying the Schwalbe Marathons but they've just been hanging in the garage for the last year.
  16. Brian(J)

    Upgrading Dash brakes to hydraulic?

    I don't want to repeat a long post already posted somewhere here, but I swapped out to AVID BB7 brakes and new Jag-wire brake cables/sleeves and my brake problems faded away.
  17. Brian(J)

    Dash E3 2nd battery charger, kinda a review

    For a couple reasons decided to stage a 2nd charger at work, but have been put off by my (perhaps incorrect) idea that the stock charger was $130 and then the hassle of making/picking up the special order, I'm so spoiled by Amazon. So I went to Amazon and ordered this. There is information about...
  18. Brian(J)

    The Sondors Bike is Unravelling a Bit

    I see it just the same way. Any money they sent to China is a deduction. The author of that article doesn't know any of what he says to be a fact, just writing in total speculation based on one bit of legal boilerplate that probably doesn't apply, the key word of which was 'may'...
  19. Brian(J)

    I've been doing a Handle Bar comparison on my bike.

    I rigged up a jig that allowed me to set bars at any angle of sweep to determine what would be most comfortable and it was close to 45 degrees. I ended up with Jones H-bars and a 2" riser, it's perfect for me. Pictures here.
  20. Brian(J)

    Upgrading Brakes?

    I've written extensively in other threads about liking the Dash and disliking everything about the brakes. I swapped the stock brake units for AVID BB7's, and later a swap to Jones H-bar handlebars and a riser forced me to replace the brake cables, so I upgraded those to Jagwire low friction...