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  1. irenewg13

    Anyone use a trainer with your ebike?

    Are there specialized trainers for ebikes? Can a regular trainer be used, with an ebike? Thanks
  2. irenewg13

    Trainer for ebikes?

    I own an Interceptor Hi Ann Anyone aware of a good trainer that can be used for ebikes? Can one use any trainer (electric) with an ebike? Thanks irene
  3. irenewg13

    Retro fit ebikes - parts for cognitive and physical disabilities.

    Anyone know of any sources, ebike specific? Thanks Irene
  4. irenewg13

    Do you use a mirror on your Interceptor?

    I want to buy a mirror for my Interceptor, and of course I will try some in a store. I just thought that I would ask y'all. Thanks Irene
  5. irenewg13

    Please consider these safety issues...

    It is a bit embarrassing, mostly cautionary. It can be easy to think we can pick up somewhat near where we left off. I 'was' always athletic, and assumed that I would pick up riding an ebike, as I had when last rode a bike 15 years ago. Besides the obvious issues related to not riding for...
  6. irenewg13

    8 piece, 14 piece, bike repair tool set... Use it?

    I thought that I might get one, but I don't know enough about them to know if they aren't needed. TY
  7. irenewg13

    Handle bar end, Mag lights by Cycl, anyone use them?

    Doug does, but anyone else? I think that I would like to buy some. TY
  8. irenewg13

    Batteries and more

    In addition to Courts reviews and info, I found this informative site. I know so little about batteries for ebikes, I thought that it was explained well:
  9. irenewg13

    Forgotten the name of Ebike Insurance

    I think it was just over a year ago when insurance for our ebikes was a topic in EBR. I did a search for "insurance ", but I haven't found it. Anyone?
  10. irenewg13

    My Pedego 24" Interceptor arrived today

    :) Pick it up tomorrow, and give Lenny my Evo Street. I'll be able to balance with my toes on the ground, while at a standstill. Woohoo
  11. irenewg13

    yeaaa, Ravi !!

  12. irenewg13

    Bar end lights, favorites?

    SKIP THIS AND READ 2ND POST I was just searching ad reading about bar end lights. So far Griplit and Wingends (correct the spelling) seem to be good. Favorites? Thanks
  13. irenewg13

    new 24"Interceptor

    Hi, I live in Madison, just bought the ebike just over a week ago. I'm waiting for it to arrive. I bought an Evo street a year ago, but i had an issue... I'm 5'4", and couldn't stabilize/stop with my feet on the ground, while still sitting. I almost bought the Interceptor a year ago, so it...
  14. irenewg13

    Great Article re Ravi!
  15. irenewg13

    News about Ravi's xcountry ride?

    Does he have a blog?
  16. irenewg13

    WI about to review laws re ebikes

    **For some current info, including some national: I have been communicating with: Dave Schlabowske Deputy Director Wisconsin Bike Fed 414-255-0369 (desk) 414-736-2209 (mobile) 3618 W. Pierce St., Milwaukee, WI 53215 He will...
  17. irenewg13


    Hi, I've been gone for so long that I thought I should re-introduce myself. Only change, I traded my Evo Street in for a Podego, 24" Interceptor.
  18. irenewg13

    Court... Awesome changes and additions to EBR!

    From the People's Republic of Madison, Irene
  19. irenewg13

    New forums?

    Hi all, Are there a lot more forums? In the last 6 months? I've been mia for quite awhile, it took quite awhile to get to the top of the last mountain trail. (Just haven't been online) If there is another thread that shows up preceeding this one, I might have accidentally sent one. Sorry
  20. irenewg13

    I need some help. . size of Street handlebars

    TY Bought some grips