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  1. James

    Haibike unleashes mid-motored carbon fiber and electric-suspension e-bikes (Gizmag)

    Just came across this article and thought the electric suspension was a brilliant idea! Wicked looking bike!
  2. James

    Cool Article

    Hey guys, Came accross this news article today and thought I'd share.
  3. James

    GoalZero Solar Chargers

    Hey Guys, I have been watching the technology from Goal Zero for about a year now and they seem to have a solid business model. I'm not sure if it would be compatible to charging our Ebikes, but at least the technology for extended trips are out there!! Cheers.
  4. James

    Body Float Suspension Seat Post Thoughts

    Hello Everyone, I had the pleasure to meeting with Charlie Heggem today at Swissborn, our local Stromer dealership (where I bought my ST1) and he set me up with a new BodyFloat 3.0 Titanium for me to review! I took over an hour of video while he enthusiastically spoke about the benefits of the...
  5. James

    Mission Workshop AP Series/ VX Sanction Rucksack

    Since most of us are either commuting or thinking about commuting with our Ebikes I thought I'd share one of my best accessory purchases! I ordered this not too long ago and let me tell you (other than being expensive and a bit more hipster than I try to be) it is an unbelievably tough bag...
  6. James

    After market Pedals

    Hey guys! Just installed some sweet DeFacto's on my bike. Check out the pics: Nice white Like any stock pedals the st1 are pretty lightly made (not cheap, but not what I want). Anyway these bad boys should help with the pedal burn I was feeling!
  7. James

    Audi Electric Bike Concept

    Hey guys, Not sure if any of you have seen Audi's new e-bike, but it's an incredible piece of art! Below is it's official release video: Anyway, it's probably 20K dollars, but if you had a ton of money it sure looks sick! Cheers, James
  8. James

    Slime, Thorn Resistant Tires and Airless Bicycle Tubes?

    Hey Guys, I'm awaiting my Stromer ST1 Platinum and was hoping for some thoughts on puncture protection. I read the review Court posted on the company Slime (thanks Court!) but then have read mostly negative reviews about peoples experience about the product. I will be commuting about 40-45...
  9. James

    ST1 Platinum

    Hello All! Great work Court, this forum is exactly what I've been looking for! I am looking to start to commute to work (about 50 miles round trip). All back roads very little city driving, hence the "sorta illegal" Stromer ST1 Platinum, not the limited. I was hoping to get your thoughts on...