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    New Chain, Cassette, Chain Ring-advice needed (E3 Peak-2013)

    Principal cause of chain skipping is wear and tear of cassette gears. For example, I have E3 Vibe and ride almost always in 7th gear. After three years the teeth wore down to nubs. My local shop advised replacing cassette and chain. Analogy is honing rotors for new disc brake pads. You...
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    Throttle vs. No throttle

    My e-bike has throttle. I like it but it is something else to break and it has. After test riding new e-bikes without throttle, my next e-bike won’t have one.
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    Please help with my frustration. Looking for ebike, but.....

    Hassle free, very reliable, bullet-proof implies you are unable or unwilling to do-it-yourself. I assume this refers to e-bike technology rather than routine maintenance (i.e. lube chain, adjust brakes) and repairs (i.e. fix flat tire). If so, simple would be better than complex or...
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    2013 E3 Path ongoing problem with spokes breaking on the rear wheel!

    I had same problem, E3. I'm 220 lbs and when I rode and didn't lift my butt up off the seat to take cracks and bumps, one or two of the rear spokes would eventually break. I had extra heavy duty spokes installed, lost 20 lbs. End of problem.
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    EZip Trailz - Yes or No?

    For the difference in money and performance, I would consider IZIP E3 with lithium option. I've had one for 2 years now, love it. Not problem free. I'm 6'1", 220 lbs so I had to upgrade to heavy duty rear spokes because I'm hard on the bike. Throttle stop broke ($40) after 18 months. Bought...