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    Replacement wheels for Haibike SDURO trekking

    I'm over presta valves. For over 50 years my bikes had schrader valves. I've started kicking the tires on getting new wheels that support schraders. The way the current rims are, I don't think the hole can be widened without wrecking the stability of the rim. I'm a frugal Clydesdale. What...
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    Anti theft GPS

    Thanks for the info. Losing connection to a cell tower is a bit troubling. I emailed boomerang a few days ago, but they haven't answered yet- I was asking what the monitoring charge is after the first year
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    Anti theft GPS

    I've started looking at a gps tracker. What are the challenges with the phone app and web site? Thx
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    Battery for HaiBike SDuro Trekking 4.0

    Are there any reputable 3rd party accessory dealers where I could find a second battery for a HaiBike SDuro Trekking 4.0? I'm planning a medium-long ride and don't want to get stuck. Thx
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    My first 10 miles on a 2017 Haibike Sduro Trekking 4.0 High-Step

    Just returned from a leisurely ride via streets and bike path. With the display off to the left, I was able to attach a handlebar pack. I like the flat handle bars, but with my hands going to the far ends of the handle, I'm not sure where to put a rear view mirror. I have to get used to the...
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    How do you carry water when you ride your Haibike?

    Just installed a handlebar bag with water bottle sockets
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    Over 50's 2017 XDuro Trekking 4.0 Chronicles

    What is the trick to re-install Haibike battery? Top or bottom first? Thx
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    More tube replacements for ebikes vs regular?

    In EBR's ebike vs bike write up, Cort shares that ebikes go through more tube replacements than regular bikes because ebikes are heavier. What has been your experience? More blown tubes, about the same, or less?
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    Haibike sduro Trekking sizing for tall riders - what size did you get?

    I'm 6'2" with 32 inch inseam. At, it says I should get a size that gives me about two inches between my crotch and top bar. And, for, low step, test and try it out, which I'm planning to do today/Sat I'm...
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    Water bottle solutions for Sduro Trekk and other ebikes

    What are your water bottle solutions for your Haibike?
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    Is it possible to use shrader tubes in Sduro Trek?

    It looks like Haibike wheels use Presta valve tubes. Is it possible to use Shrader valve tubes instead?
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    Commuter, bike trail, fire roads and maybe trekking

    I've found a LBS willing to sell a 52cm 2016 Haibike Sduro TREKKING SL for $2000...
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    Commuter, bike trail, fire roads and maybe trekking

    I may be looking for a unicorn: an ebike under $2k that prioritizes distance over speed; front shocks; 48v and can support a Clydesdale. Removable lcd and bottle cage is a plus. Don't care about fenders; care about reliability. Last year I purchased a Diamondback Trace ex from REI, but...
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    Returned my Diamondback Trace EXC today

    By pulling, I mean I was pedaling, going anywhere from 20-25mph, and all of a sudden, if felt like the motor stopped working. I was thinking maybe a torque sensor I would probably buy it again if it was down to 1100.
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    Trace EXC Cadence Sensor

    The pulling was there at all assist levels. For the future, is there a good source for extra batteries? Thx
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    Trace EXC Cadence Sensor

    Just returned my Trace EXC because of it 'pulling' when pedaling and no fix suggested by REI or Currie
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    Returned my Diamondback Trace EXC today

    I returned my Diamondback Trace EXC to REI today. I purchased the bike 6 months ago. Almost from the start the bike exhibited a 'pulling' in all levels. The local REI didn't have in-shop ebike techs, so I used REI's product specialists at their corporate offices. I found the REI product...
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    What kind of mileage are you getting vs what the marketing said?

    What kind of mileage are you getting on a single charge vs what the marketing said? As a Clydesdale AARP rider, I am looking for a bike that reliably gets me 40 miles on a single charge over flat terrain.
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    Trace EXC First 300 miles - initial thoughts

    If you bought the bike at REI, and are under 1 year of ownership, you can bring it back for a full refund I ended up calling Currie, and the tech said the problem was my cadence, that I was not pedaling at a consistent rate. A bike computer arrived today with cadence, so, I will try to work a...
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    Bike computer with cadence suggestions needed

    I've been swimming through the reviews on Amazon, but decided to ask here. I'm looking for a bike computer with cadence, preferably with a large display. The Cateye Stada 410 is wireless, while the Cateye CC-CD200 Astrale 8 is wired What has been your recent experiences with Cateye? If you...