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    Need opinion on single speed 20" fat ebike gearing ratio : 40T front teeth / 12T rear teeth, would this be "inefficient"?

    i'm currently building a bike that is oriented towards mid-aged/late 40s/50s people (eg. my parents) who would like to get SOME exercise, go out but get some assist at maximum comfort. i currently am building a 20" 3in "fat" tire bike with full suspension (geared towards comfort on allterrain)...
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    What is the part that controls how responsive / lag there is for motor to kick in once start pedalling?

    i have used ebike and everything seems good except that i dont like this aspect of it: - Once i start pedalling, it takes about ~2 full revolutions to start the motor. and also when i stop pedalling, it takes about 2 full seconds to have the motor cut off. to me, this lag is too much and i'd...
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    Controller Modification for more speed?

    I have a 20" model and I really like it , it has really really good range given the size of battery it has. however i think the fact that it has a sine-wave controller, it doesnt seem to "use" as much power even on assist level 5. i have a similarly powered bike and that one, is not sine-wave...
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    Advice in Fixing Hall Sensor Error on a Brushless Rear Drive Hub (Photo of motor)

    I have a Vilano Neutron (36v 250w folding fat bike), and it uses a king meter km529. Currently, when I turn on the bike it flashes Error 24 which I have research indicates a "Hall Sensor" error either due to a loose wire or burnt out hall sensor. Before this error, I used it for a relatively...
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    Can someone help me identify this BionX model (used)?

    I'm in the market for a used bionX and this owner said the bike is an "older" model but works OK. Can someone advise what model this could be and what kind of battery it would have? thanks! UPADTE: never mind, i think i found it, it's the original first PL250