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  1. Alphbetadog

    Trump Administration Order Allowing Ebikes in National Parks

    If you didn't already have reason to believe that Donald J. Trump isn't the greatest president to have ever lived, perhaps his administration's latest order will convince you: Motorized electric bicycles may soon will soon be used on trails in national parks and other public lands nationwide...
  2. Alphbetadog

    Trek’s Electra Rolls Out $1500 Hub Drive Townie

    That is so... 2015 technology!
  3. Alphbetadog

    I hate your ebike...

    Well I think that could be said for just about any mode of transport whether it be on bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, surfing, snow boarding, etc.
  4. Alphbetadog

    I hate your ebike...

    Do sailboat skippers get all cheesed off when power boats pass by them?
  5. Alphbetadog

    Looking for frame for Bosch mid drive.

    Submerge in salt water. Fire.
  6. Alphbetadog

    Looking for frame for Bosch mid drive.

    If you already have the bosch mid-drive, you might be better off selling it to someone that has fried or other wised damaged their motor and needs a replacement. Then you could by a complete bike to your liking. Just a thought...
  7. Alphbetadog

    Hello from AZ.

    Oh, are you the folks that moved into John & Cindy McCain's place there? Beautiful spot right on Oak Creek. It's where they vetted Sarah Palin Where you surprised to see vineyards in AZ? Most are. Nice fish hatchery with park-like setting at Page Springs. Nice area.
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    Hello from AZ.

    Where in AZ?
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    Tesla Model 3 or 7 Pedego's ?

    I've had a Model S for 3-1/2 years now. Great car - smooth, quiet, almost zero maintenance. So used to the electric charging thing that when I go to a gas station is seems so archaic! The Tesla is fun, but I like my ebikes better since there is really more freedom and the health and exercise...
  10. Alphbetadog

    What’s a great place to retire for an e-biker?

    Good Gawd, Washington State sounds like an absolutely horrible place!
  11. Alphbetadog

    Fixing up an Iacocca 24v E-Bike

    Make sure you check out the endless sphere forums I wouldn't be surprised if there was lots of threads on specifically how to revive these antiques.
  12. Alphbetadog

    People throwing electric scooters into lakes and rivers ???

    It's the cool thing to do. After your done with your e-share just pitch it. Extra points if you can make the water, or get it hung up in the trees. Remember the old days with telephone booths with phone books in them? You could find a number you needed quickly. Then it got cool just rip out the...
  13. Alphbetadog

    Denver wants Dockless Scooters to use the Bike Lanes

    In Denver, can you ride a "normally aspirated" peddle bike when a bike lane isn't available and the speed limit is greater than 30 mph?
  14. Alphbetadog

    Motor kicks in if pedals move backwards

    I had that happen when I installed a PAS in backwards on a kit install. Probably not your problem unless you had yours off for some reason?
  15. Alphbetadog

    Car Power Inverter

    Works well and easy to use. Also, very easy to drain the fuel out of the tank, and carburetor float bowl to avoid a gunked up gas situation during long periods of non-use, which is often for a generator. After camping I just tip in over and drain the fuel in a funnel into my truck's gas tank -...
  16. Alphbetadog

    Car Power Inverter

    I use a 1000w Yamaha generator to charge my ebikes while remote camping all the time. It is light, quiet, and very efficient. I can easily charge 2- 500v batteries with the 4amp chargers. Do it all the time. The Yamaha is a pure sine wave generator so it is cleaner power than what usually comes...
  17. Alphbetadog

    Garage door opener

    I carry a little keychain remote similar to this one below, in the small pocket of a "feedbag". The small remote is handy for taking the dogs for a walk, when out on me scooter, etc.
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    On an island in the Pacific Northwest
  19. Alphbetadog

    BMW ebike

    The Ultimate Riding Machine? Without Break My Wallet pricing?