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  1. Brian(J)

    E3 Dash problems-

    After 2,500 trouble-free miles my E3 has developed a major problem. On a very regular basis without any pattern I can figure out the power just cuts out. Sometimes the screen goes dark, sometimes not. Often the battery sate-of-charge lights goes out as well. A complete re-boot will almost always...
  2. Brian(J)

    Dash E3 2nd battery charger, kinda a review

    For a couple reasons decided to stage a 2nd charger at work, but have been put off by my (perhaps incorrect) idea that the stock charger was $130 and then the hassle of making/picking up the special order, I'm so spoiled by Amazon. So I went to Amazon and ordered this. There is information about...
  3. Brian(J)

    Some serious improvements/modifications to an E3 Dash.

    I have 1,000 miles on my Dash now, so far no flats but did enjoy an epic crash. I liked the bike when I got it but I like it a whole lot more with all the changes I've made, some small and some pretty significant. Fenders- a gotta have. Rack and Bags- required for me. Lights, four currently on...
  4. Brian(J)

    Adjusting the disk brake pads on a hub motor bike.

    I'm finding it a bit of a challenge adjusting the pad clearance. The caliper is a Shimano M375 on a Dash E3. The deal is, the caliper is 'adjusted' by setting the caliper body such that the outboard pad is pretty close to the rotor and then using a 5mm hex wrench to adjust the inboard pad to...
  5. Brian(J)

    Electrical Wiring Information for Adding Lights to IZIP Dash

    I am uploading wiring information I that I received from IZIP when I started looking for the headlight wiring on my E3 Dash which is supposed to be located behind the rubber plug below the handlebar stem. It turns out my wiring isn't there, not sure still where it is. However this information...
  6. Brian(J)

    Organizing this forum.

    The Dash seems to be a very popular bike with an active group of helpful owners. This is good. However the helpful posts are all over the site, for example in the accessories thread and the maintenance thread. Court, should we consider creating a sub-heading under IZIP just for Dash and...
  7. Brian(J)

    Dash on sale at REI and Fender advice needed.

    There is a thread going in the deals section, 15% off Dash at REI May 16-26, more importantly if you have a successful fender installation on an E3 Dash please reply here.
  8. Brian(J)

    E3 Dash Fenders

    The Dash has 700c x 45c tires, the exact tire width as I ride them is 48.3 mm. I understand I need 65mm fenders in order to have enough clearance, there appears to be a conflict at the fender support where the space between the seat stays is about 57mm. Anyway, I can machine that area of the...