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    Bafang 750W rear fat hub cassette removal

    I have a fat bike on the way that uses the 750W rear hub motor. I just recently read that the cassette removal tool will not fit over the the nut and washer on the drive side. One solution was to grind them down until the tool will fit over them. Is there a special tool or another solution to...
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    Mate X full suspension, 750W, folding fat bike, internal battery

    Great Specs. On the heavy side. 12 days left on the campaign Over 5 million raised. Their second campaign so I expect things will run very smooth.
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    Dual chainring for BBSO2

    Dual chainring for BBSO2. No adapter required.
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    for BBSO1 and BBSO2

    (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)[product-gallery]/0/ Is this some type of protective bracket for the motor?
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    89.95 suspension fork
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    Fat bike fork 89.95

    US vendor now selling susp fork for fat bikes and other limited number of bike parts. Great pricing!
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    Fat bike suspension fork

    Now available with some other great priced parts from a US vendor 89.95.
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    Radrover Bundle

    For a family looking for 2 decent affordable bikes, hard to beat.
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    Phantom Vision.

    Saw this today. Very nice looking cruiser bike with a bafang mid drive.
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    Side Car for a bike!

    Take your kids or pet for a ride. Go shopping. This would be perfect with an e-bike. Kinda pricey though. Someone should be able to build one at a much better price point.
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    New more affordable electronic shifter coming

    Saw this and figure I would share. Not wireless like the more expensive ones.
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    Fat Bike 2016

    Nice article from electric fat bike.
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    juggernaut battery

    If someone could help, I would like to know the specific cells that are in the 11.6ah battery from the juggernaut kickstarter deal last year. Thanks in advance for anyones help. I know they were supposed to be samsung or sony. Need to know the specific cells. Looking at a possible 2nd battery...
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    BBSO2 crank arms

    I am sorry if it has already been posted, but I did a search and could not find the info. What is the crank arm length of the BBSO2. I am short and they seem longer than my cheap fat bike.
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    Being foolish again

    My fatbike wants gears. Found this offset 42T for BBSO2 (Link Removed - No Longer Exists). Found this 36T as well (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) Is it foolish to think that i could piggback the 36 on the 42. No adapter needed. Should be about the same as a 36 with an adapter...
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    Super BBSO2 Same Vendor also selling on ebay. Tried to verify info. This appears totally bogus. Claims 16 mosfett controller. Can run continuous 30 amp
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    Faulty Logic?

    Have BBSO2 bike on the way. Would like a little more torque. Not so concerned about top speed. I have read that replacing the stock chain ring with a 34T will do this. Will give me a good bike for riding forest trails and some easy single track. If I want to ride to town or some easy paved...
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    Bafang display

    What model Bafang display unit is on the latest 2015 juggernauts?