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  1. Bike_On

    Optibike 10 year Anniversary

    I found this to be motivating.... Optibike Celebrates Ten Years Dear Dan It is official, Optibike has now been building and selling electric bikes for 10 years! It seems like yesterday when we loaded our first Optibike 400 into the waiting truck for its trip to South Africa. Optibike is...
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    The Latest and Greatest from Optibike, R15

    I keep up with the latest offering from Optibike, since I owned a couple of them from 2007-2012. These bikes are the cat's meow, but pricey. The original FULL suspension (All FOX), high speed (+28MPH), large battery (1000 Whr, full hydraulic disk brakes, integrate front head light, and high...
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    Summer Rides '16

    Summer gets most of us on the ebike, some for the first time. Share a highlight experience from the Summer, or maybe a humbling one.... For me, I got a new (2014 demo) Focus S10 speed pedelec in May. After a month of rain in Maryland, I got a perfectly sunny day for a full commute to work...
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    Geo Orbital Wheel

    Different design.
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    Falco build on Specialized Hardrock, vintage 1990's.

    I had the Falco Hx500 motor rebuilt on a 26" wheel. I build this for my son at Univ of Maryland, to book across campus. Kudos to Falco's easy programming. Set the speed limit to 20 mph and adjusted for a horizontal drop out. Battery is 48V, 11.6 Ahr.
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    Owner of a New Focus Adventura S10, 2014

    I want to give a short report on my new mid drive. I was riding a Falco HX500 on a Trek DS8.5, which got rear ended by a car and is out of commission. I decided I wanted to go back to a mid drive, have it be a Speed Pedelec, and be an all around commuter bike. I ended up buying a demo from...
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    Fire at Crazy Lenny's

    See thread under OTHER.
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    Idea for Mode Select Button.

    We read and watch each review from Court and he covers how each bike gives you different power levels. There is usually a +/- key pad to scroll up or down. Most systems will toggle from 0 to maybe 4-5 levels. Some like Bionx and Falco go to -5 for regen. Optibike just has 2. What if **??**...
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    Upgrades for 2016

    I received an email from Optibike yesterday. Here are a few of their upgrades for 2016: New! Bigger Batteries for 2016 Batteries for 2016 are now 12% larger in the Allroad and R Series. That means 12% longer range. M7, Helia, R8, R8HD are now 37 volt 29 amp hrs (up from 26 amp hrs) R11 is...
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    33 lb Carbon Opti

  11. Bike_On

    Commuting on an Optibike

    I found this on Youtube.
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    Throwback Thursday - 2005 Giant Lite

    I ran across this old link yesterday detailing my first electric bike (2006-2008). A Giant Lite, with a Panasonic 250W MD, 6.5Ahr, 24V, NiMH battery (25mi range) Not too many OEMs with mid drives back then, nor with something besides Lead acid. Giant Lite, electric assisted bike $1,299.00...
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    What would Court Ride?

    Hey Court, You get to ride EVERYTHING! However, if you were one of us, an interested consumer, what bike would you buy, right now, if you had.... $2000? $4000? $6000? $8000? Preference is subjective, but just asking for personal thoughts.
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    I Bought a Voltbike Yukon

    I got it for my son at college. He has practices 2x a day, a mile from his dorm... spoiled! I was looking at the RAD bike and SSR fat bikes. I wanted a geared hub. RAD has the metal gears, which are noisier but should be a bit more rugged. One guy didn't like the Rad forks, so no loss...
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    Mid Drive Motors : An overview

    From the other EBR (Electric Bike Report), Pete details a very good and fairly comprehensive list of mid drive motors and their respective bike platforms. (I think he left off the R Martin- Evelo) My 2C: Hubs use to be cheap, more reliable, and mid...
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    A Fun eBike Matrix Compare Tool

    Feel free to check this out and tailor as you like. I added several ebike models. A big shout of thanks to EBR and Court for all the hard work done to get the content. One of my columns is Court's Rating (0-10). His work and experience deserve a spot. Bike On! *Updated 7/24/15
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    New Falco 48V, Li7 Battery

    Yes, I took the plunge and procured a new 48V (47V more typical) battery. I paid a premium vs other Chinese options. Paul, an EM3eV has some very attractive options, with 10C rated cells as well as 3C rated cells from Samsung. I needed his 47V pack, not the...
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    When does an electric bike become an electric motorcycle?

    Electric bike classification, pedelecs, throttles, bike paths, bike lanes, safety, OEMs, Federal laws, state laws... All these, and more, come into play when determining this Line-in-the-sand. When, where, how do we determine the cross over? My criteria: 1. It has to have a weight limit to...
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    The force that accelerates the bike and enables a bike and rider to overcome gravity. It can come from the motor or your legs. What is torque mathematically? Simply the force at the end of a lever times the distance of the lever. ex. A typical bike crank is 7 inches. A 200 lb man standing...
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    2015 Electric Bike Calendar Invite

    Greetings Electric Bike Owners, I would like to ask you to join me in a small project to promote and honor the next evolution of modern efficient transportation: the electric bike. My Idea, with some help from my kids, is to offer a 12 month, 2015 Electric Bike Calendar to the growing...