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  1. Deafcat

    14.5ah vs 17.5ah?

    Right on, I use 52v 17.5ah as well, it's plenty of range for me. I don't notice any drop in max power output until past the 40km range mark, which basically means I can do 2 days commute both ways on the same charge comfortably (which means, if I forget to charge on a given day, I don't have...
  2. Deafcat

    Beware - Insane Top Speed Biktrix!

    You got it!
  3. Deafcat

    Beware - Insane Top Speed Biktrix!

    Great question, I usually use a GPS speedometer app on my phone, or let strava do it and pick out the top speed (and more data in general) from the ride. As for correct tire setting in the DPC-18: set the number to the measured height of your rear tire. It's usually between 28-30 for most...
  4. Deafcat

    Beware - Insane Top Speed Biktrix!

    48 miles per hour, or almost 78 km/h? this would require about 3500W, best case scenario with the right gearing. Not possible with any Biktrix bike on the market yet... haha Most likely the back wheel was off the ground at some point. I've done it before too and was surprised, because I've yet...
  5. Deafcat

    14.5ah vs 17.5ah?

    I pretty much always go with the biggest main battery I can fit nowadays. Reason being, the weight gain is minimal, and the FUN gain outweighs the cost difference. Bigger battery pack keeps the voltage up longer through the day, and delays the eventual drop in top speed and assist wattage...
  6. Deafcat

    Having to do With Court's New Review of the Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra FS

    Full suspension electric fatbikes are definitely an engineering challenge, all of the best suspension technology evolved around much narrower tires and wheels, pedal power, and so forth. Electric full-suspension fatbikes are definitely a new trend, Biktrix has been continuously improving theirs...
  7. Deafcat

    Juggernaut Duo - heard of it yet?

    300+ km range, yes please!
  8. Deafcat

    Swapped my 44T chainring for a 52T

    Most likely yes, it depends what derailleur you presently have on the bike. Pretty easy to identify: how many gears, and what letters are on it? There's another possible route which is a Wolftooth derailleur hanger extension, but they predictably cause issues with the high (small) end of the...
  9. Deafcat

    Swapped my 44T chainring for a 52T

    Yep you can totally upgrade the rear gear range, the maximum rear cog size is dependent on your derailleur. My preferred cassettes are Sunrace, currently on 11-51T 12-speed. These will work with any of the 12-speed SRAM derailleurs, whereas an 11-speed SRAM derailleur I think maxes out at 46T...
  10. Deafcat

    I wanna see your biktrix bike

    Photoshop, if you look closely... I didn't see it right away either, haha Also it looks like his shift cable housing is mostly internal (bottom routing).
  11. Deafcat

    A Year and A Half With My Juggernaut, Here Is What I Have Learned

    Oh yea that's a good point! For front brake you could use whatever brake you like best then rely on the manual cutout. It's really only the rear brake that needs to have integrated cutout, to prevent rear brake and assist being engaged at the same time (a terrible combination!).
  12. Deafcat

    New budget friendly Ultra 1000 for $2599

    Great deal, especially for folks looking to swap a few parts. The 9 speed drivetrain should be very robust!
  13. Deafcat

    A Year and A Half With My Juggernaut, Here Is What I Have Learned

    I learned some of those same lessons with my original Stunner LT. Nowadays I will always buy the biggest battery available for any ebike: besides the range increase it also means you'll have peak power for longer throughout the day. As for the brakes, 2-piston tektro hydraulics I've found to be...
  14. Deafcat

    I wanna see your biktrix bike

    Only noise I hear is my tires, which is a good sound to make! They are very much bombproof hubs and haven't given me any troubles at all.
  15. Deafcat

    Help What Bike to buy... 2020 Stunner X Mid-Drive or Stunner LT ...

    Mountain community, Steep hills? Stunner X hands down. I'm a big fan of the Stunner LT and have two of them, but my gut feeling tells me that the motor longevity may be reduced in mountain climbing... I ride mine in the prairies where there are no mountains. The Stunner X has all the advantages...
  16. Deafcat

    Known Issues & Problems with Biktrix Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    You'll definitely need more than what comes in a standard chain package, in my experience. I always buy two, and use the second chain for the short pieces... Then next chain replacement, I only buy one length and then use small chunk from that second chain again. Exact chain length, is...
  17. Deafcat

    Converted my Juggernaut Ultra to single speed

    Sheesh! That sounds pretty brutal! How's the wheel/frame? Single speed is going to be a bit wonky without adjustable rear dropouts for tension. You'll have to rely on a hanging tensioner, mounts in place of RD. Your speed range is going to be quite low and slow in single speed, since if you...
  18. Deafcat

    Just got the ultra eagle - getting used to the midrive?

    On the battery level topic: I honestly recommend just using Battery Voltage instead of Percent. It's a more honest reading, will take you a bit to get used to it, but it's a proper look at charge level. You can swap between either option right inside the display settings, typically. As for the...
  19. Deafcat

    Max tire size on Juggernaut Ultra FS fatty rims?

    Ultra FS tire size I think depends which year. Older ones may only clear 4", but they might have updated 2020 model for bigger tire clearance. If it were me, and I wanted to fit the biggest fattest snow tires, I'd do it on the Ultra 1000 (the hard-tail). more clearance when not dealing with...
  20. Deafcat

    I wanna see your biktrix bike

    If you did, you'd have no problem picking up a new lady riding around on it 😉