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  1. Blue Bill

    Storing your ST1 for the winter battery?

    Any advice on keeping the battery in good condition over the winter?
  2. Blue Bill

    Sticky Regen2 mode when braking?

    Recently my ST1 has started to stay in Regen 2 mode after releasing the rear brake lever about 50% of the time. It'll stay in that mode until I hit the brake again or tap. Any suggestions on how to diagnose or repair this? Is it something I have to get repaired at the dealer or a DIY fix?
  3. Blue Bill

    InterLock Seatpost Lock

    I picked up an InterLock seat post lock from MEC in Toronto the other day. This was a funded Kickstarter project. It comes in two sizes 25.4 & 27.2 My ST1 has a 31.6 seatpost so I had to drop in a 27.2 to 31.6 seatpost shim (available at a local bicycle shop). This is not my primary lock on...
  4. Blue Bill

    Going the distance on an ST1

    I'm a 6'2, 235lb rider with bad knees and it's time for me to get some exercise. I would also like to maximize the range. With the default ECO mode it's pretty hard to break a sweat, so I've turned the Sensor Sensitivity down to 20% and now I have to put some effort into my ride. I'd like to do...
  5. Blue Bill

    ST1 change from MPH to KM/H?

    Is there any way to change the console from MPH to KM/H on an ST1?