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  1. George S.

    A Van and an Ebike

    I live in a small town, maybe 20,000 folks, but housing is spread out so who knows that they are counting. When I got here, it was a bit run down. People moved old single wides out to $10,000 lots in ‘the valley’. Gee, now? They are developing the land just south of the old cheap areas into half...
  2. George S.

    The Hundred Dollar Ebike Battery

    The Hundred Dollar Ebike Battery You can build an ebike battery in an hour if you understand the basic concept of ‘series’ power. The parts are simple. You buy 7 of these. You cut off the connector and carefully do a series connection (black to red) on each pack. Tape it up...
  3. George S.

    Ebike Batteries in Perspective

    Ebike Batteries in Perspective Five years ago, when I was going to buy my first ebike, the battery was a limiting factor. Basically, a 36 volt and 8 Amp Hour battery retailed for $700 or so. We now see mostly 48v batteries, even in the low end stuff, and 12 AH is pretty standard. In the...
  4. George S.

    A Solid Soldering System, and Cordless

    A Great DIY Tool Building a bike into an ebike is a great way to get the best value for the dollars you spend. On the other hand, there are some things you want to do right. If you follow what might be called industry standards, a DIY is comparable to any bike in terms of integrity of the...
  5. George S.

    DIY Type Ebike Battery, 3 year test

    An exemplary ebike battery performance Basic specs: a 36v 15AH LiFePo4 (pouch cells) Vendor: Sun branded, sold by top.pathfinder (Ebay) Price: $320 Shipped: June 2015 (from China by sea) In Service: August 2015 (800 Watt Ebikes) Approximate cycles: 300 Test Date: October 23, 2018...
  6. George S.

    Nice DIY Story

  7. George S.

    That Cross Bar is Going to Kill You I don't like climbing over the top on men's bikes. That last time I was building a bike, I wanted a step through. The dealer told me Trek made a step through. Well, not exactly, they make a women's bike that is a step...
  8. George S.

    The End of Range Anxiety

    This is pretty much the end of range anxiety. The battery would fit on the rear rack of a bike, but I’d go with a cargo bike or some kind of recumbent. Fifty pounds is fifty pounds, but the pack is not huge. And it is 2.6 kwh. That is roughly five times the standard packs they put on most...
  9. George S.

    Cheap DIY Battery Modules

    You can buy 20 cells, wired up for 36v with an XT 60, for $35. The modules are 4.4 AH. You can buy 200 cells, in 10 modules, for $249 More info here. Do your own research. It's an interesting price.
  10. George S.

    Ebike Ride at Quartzsite RV Area

    People camp where they want, over a large area. Cost is $40 for two weeks, $180 for the winter. You can pretty much go anywhere you want on an ebike. This is my Trek 820, Golden Motor Magic Pie, and a Luna Mini Battery. Around $1000. Marathon MTB tires.
  11. George S.


    I bought a Prodeco X3 three years ago. It was not a very responsive bike, kind of funny handling, but it was great exercise during a recovery. Looking at that basic kind of bike now, I see some problems. For one thing, the LiFePo battery is now pretty much obsolete. I don't think they sell...
  12. George S.

    Two Speed DIY Hub Luna Cycle announced the other day that they are now selling a two speed hub motor. Back when people were saying mid-drives would be the only drives pretty soon, Prodeco announced a model with a two speed hub. The hub was branded, I...
  13. George S.

    Battery Blocs - - Shawn McCarty

    I searched for any references to this on EBR and couldn’t find any. The product is interesting and the inventor is very dedicated. Most flashlights have springs that keep the battery connected to the lamp. After a few years, the connection can go bad and the light can fade, or go out...
  14. George S.

    CPSC Getting More Serious about LiOn Regs

    The Commission also has directed staff to perform additional work to address the emerging and ongoing hazards associated with high energy density batteries, including but not limited to enforcement, voluntary and mandatory standards work, import surveillance and compliance, and industry...
  15. George S.

    X Shifter and Maker Battery - Kickstarter It's an interesting concept, especially for a mid-drive where you want to shift quite a bit. Auto-shift has...
  16. George S.

    Lower Battery Pack Prices

    I've heard people say that there is no automation system for making ebike packs. To assemble a 48v Shark type pack might take hours of spot welding. This machine does one side in a minute or two. The theory would be it would lower the price of packs and allow custom builds where a buyer could...
  17. George S.

    Vomit Bike Lock

    Bike thieves are little pukes...
  18. George S.

    Another Ebike Battery Option from RC

    I've used LiPo packs from Hobby King. You just get the cells in a pack with a power lead and balance leads. The only problem is that they are Lipos, which is probably the least safe chemistry. I ran across a company, Titan, that is making packs with the Panasonic (Sanyo) GA cells. I've seen...
  19. George S.

    18650 Cells Go Mainstream

    I noticed that among the Deals of the Day on Amazon is a lightning deal for the standard ebike cells (found in packs), the 18650. The price is not that great. The brand is unknown to me. Buried in the copy they mention SANYO NCR18650GA, but they don't say these are that battery, exactly. They...
  20. George S.

    Sondors Electric Car Ten days.