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  1. Jens5

    Gazelle vs Riese & Muller

    85nm via software upgrade on the Bosch Performance speed motor. I have it on my Gazelle T10+
  2. Jens5

    I hate fenders...

    After the 1st time running over dog poo, you'll learn to appreciate fenders.
  3. Jens5


    Yes. Pics please
  4. Jens5

    Replacement Cranks for Bosch Gen 3 Performance Line Motor?

    Yep. Took the arms off a Gen 2 and installed them on my Gen 4. Had no idea they wouldn't work on Gen 3/
  5. Jens5

    Transporting a bike in the rain

    I would remove it. Thats what I do.
  6. Jens5

    Any Bassists, Guitarists, Drummers, Keyboard Players Here?

    Teach guitar and 5-string Banjo. Have for 40 years. Played with some famous folks back in the day. Last gig was New years eve. Here's a pic of playing with Bo Diddley back in the 80's. More recent pics included.
  7. Jens5

    Play in Cassette on new Medeo T10+ cassette

    Discovered play in my Cassette on a new Medeo T10+at 200 miles. Mechanic torqued to specs and confirmed Deore hub is defective. Will contact dealer today for warranty replacement. For the life of me, I don't understand rim sizes for my tires. Bike came with 28"x 2" Schwalbe Marathon tires. No...
  8. Jens5

    Wired in headlight

    Nope. Two wires. Called Gazelle to make sure but have not yet received a reply.
  9. Jens5

    Wired in headlight

    Want to replace my wired-in AXA 35L headlight with a Lupine for Bosch Intuvia under mount, Had the same set-up on my 2017 Haibike and really liked it. My question. Since the stock wired-in light already is already wired, can't I just...
  10. Jens5

    10 vs 11 speed on Medeo T10+.

    The 10 speed XT shifter, almost impossible to find. 10 speed cassettes, no problem.
  11. Jens5

    10 vs 11 speed on Medeo T10+.

    All 11 speed drive parts arrived within 2 day shipping. Not hard to get at all. Available anywhere. The 10 speed stuff is whats hard to get. Believe me. I tried. As I originally wanted an "Ultimate T10+. None were available from my dealer, so I decided to see what I could do to make to make my...
  12. Jens5

    SOLD! 2017 Haibike XDURO 4.0 local sale

    2017 Haibike Xduro Trekking 4.0 XL "low step" E-bike. 350 watt Bosch performance Drive motor. Brand new, (less than 50 miles), Drive Train, Shimano Deore XT, 11 speed, XT M-8000 cassette and matching new chain. Shifts like a Rolex! New, Shimano Deore XT Derailleur. New, Shimano XT chain Bosch...
  13. Jens5

    Cracked real wheel on 2017 Haibike Xduro 4.0

    Found a Sun Ringle real wheel that's a perfect match.
  14. Jens5

    10 vs 11 speed on Medeo T10+.

    I like to do these things whether it makes sense to you or someone else is irrelevant. I think you want to argue for the sake of argument. Got something positive to contribute? Go for it. Otherwise, this conversation is over.
  15. Jens5

    10 vs 11 speed on Medeo T10+.

    Replacing for parts availability as 10 speed stuff is getting increasingly hard to find, plus it will be all XT. 11 speed XT,Same as I have on my other Haibike and it shifts noticeably better than the outdated 10 speed on my Gazelle. Maybe that will help you understand.
  16. Jens5

    10 vs 11 speed on Medeo T10+.

    Very surprised that Gazelle used 2015 gear tech on a 2020 bike. 10 speed is now old school and increasingly difficult to source parts. I can upgrade the entire drive-train, minus chain ring to 11 speed Shimano XT for under $300.
  17. Jens5

    Suggestions requested for best hitch bike rack for Juiced RipCurrent S

    Very happy with our Hollywood E-bike rack
  18. Jens5

    New, 2020 Gazelle Medeo T10+

    New Bike. Gazelle Medeo T10+