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  1. Mike Owen

    2021 R&M Packster

    Functional and easy on the eye. Another ace by R&M to add to that “nearing perfection” 2021 Homage that @David Berry posted just now.
  2. Mike Owen

    2023 SuperLight R&M: Fantasy thread

    Heft. Tank. Handful. SUV. I hear those words time and again in R&M conversations. Yeah, but. All those kilos translate into a comfortable, solid and assured ride: great! Great if your terrain is smooth asphalt, flat or rolling. Great if you’re relatively active, relatively not ancient...
  3. Mike Owen

    Spare POWERTUBE for Delite 2020: switching that rubber cover?!!!

    Just removed the Powertube 500 from my brand new 2020 Delite Rohloff for the first time. Hoping to find it had a removable rubber cover so I could get an aftermarket spare Powertube 500 for longer rides. I went for the single 500 Delite because I like the simplicity of the frame and to give me...
  4. Mike Owen

    Your R&M in your Lockdown world

    With huge swathes of most continents now in various states of extended lockdown, many folk on here will be experiencing something they and none of their forebears have known before. Going for a bike ride just changed a whole lot. Perhaps it would be interesting and maybe even therapeutic to...
  5. Mike Owen

    Shipping an R&M Delite direct to customer

    First up: I hope all in this community and your loved ones stay safe and in good spirits through this crazy challenging time. I want to interrogate your experienced minds about shipping a new R&M Delite direct to customer from bike retailer. I see this is fairly commonplace in the States but...