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  1. smorgasbord

    1UP Rack Stash for sale

    Have new in box Rack Stash that I've decided to not use. My rack hangs on a hook on the wall instead. You can read about it and see pricing here and here. Essentially, you lag bolt this to the wall and it provides a 2" hitch receptacle into which you can place your rack. It's normally used...
  2. smorgasbord

    Fitting a larger chainring to the Apollo

    I just fitted a 48 tooth on my Luna Apollo, and it clears! The Apollo comes with 44 tooth chainrings, which is actually a really good compromise if you ride both fast on-road and also steep hills off-road, but I wanted a higher top speed. I already have the 10-50 SRAM GX cassette, so the obvious...
  3. smorgasbord

    Anyone using Topeak Tetrarack M1 (mounts to suspension fork)?

    I just installed a Topeak Tetrarack M1 on my wife's bike's front suspension fork. Seems to be just fine, even though it's 5mm over the 145mm max width specced. Now we need a bag for it. Was thinking of getting a Topeak QuickRack compatible bag. Suggestions on which one would work well? The rack...
  4. smorgasbord

    A tale of two Apollos

    This post is a long time coming. About 11 months ago, I purchased a Luna Apollo. A few months later, we purchased a second Apollo for my wife. First, the good news: we love our bikes. We can ride anywhere: on-road, off-road, long trips, up steep hills, etc. The full-suspension works well, is...
  5. smorgasbord

    Ritchey carbon seatpost, Ritchey "clipless" pedals

    Updated 01 August with what's still available: Ritchey Comp Carbon road seatpost, carbon fiber, 27.2mm x 350mm $35 In decent shape, noticeable markings on post, nothing major Ritchey mountain "clipless" SPD pedals Comp V4, never used, $20 Description Link. Review link. Photos:
  6. smorgasbord

    Luna alloy Handlebars for Sale

    Pulled off a Luna Apollo $35, including shipping to continental US 15-20mm rise, about 5 degree backsweep, 800 mm width
  7. smorgasbord

    SOLD: SRAM 12-speed NX Eagle Cassette (11-50), Derailleur, and Chain

    Pulled off a Luna Apollo because I wanted the 10-50 rear cassette (higher top gear). Includes the red adjustment "gauge" needed to set the "B" screw properly. Note the cassette (PG 1230, Description Link) is not one-piece, but I'm including all the pieces to assemble on the rear hub. Chain will...
  8. smorgasbord

    2 sets of 27.5" Boost wheels - Luna Apollo pulls

    Swapped the wheels on both our Luna Apollos (for different reasons). These are both for Boost spacing only (148mm x 12mm rear axle, 110mm x 15mm front axle). Axles not included. Taped for tubeless, but I ran tubes. Set #1: SunRingle SRC Hubs and MTX 33 Rims, for SRAM "XD" driver only (needed...
  9. smorgasbord

    A Smorgasbord of Stems! (Risers Sold)

    After doing bike fits on 4 different bikes, I'm selling the stems that either came on the bikes or that I bought in an attempt to get a better fit, but didn't work out. All for 31.8mm steerer tubes. 1. Ergotech "Swell R 70" adjustable stem: 140mm length, -20 to +40 degree angle (can go more...
  10. smorgasbord

    Kriket Gauge for Gates Belt tensioning, $12 plus shipping

    Kriket Gauge to tension Gates belts. Used a few times, in excellent shape. No longer have a bike with a Gates belt. In box with instructions.
  11. smorgasbord

    SOLD: SRAM Guide R Hydraulic brake set, front+rear

    Complete front and rear hydraulic brake set, pulled off a Luna Apollo. Front brake is completely assembled, bled, intact. Rear brake is complete, but hose cut near the lever in order to remove off bike (hose was threaded through frame). Used for maybe two rides, no issues, but since our other...
  12. smorgasbord

    SOLD: Luna 48V Advanced 300W Charger: charge to 80%, 90%, 100% at from 1amp - 5amps

    Luna Charger Description Bought to charge batteries for a bike that was eventually returned and replaced with a 52volt battery bike, so no longer needed. Used less than a dozen times, no issues. Includes my home-made XT60 to barrel adapter plus a spare XT60 connector in case you want to make...
  13. smorgasbord

    SOLD: Kinekt Suspension Seat Post - Excellent condition with additional springs & cover.

    Latest model, bought for a hardtail that was ridden a half dozen times and returned for a full-suspension bike, so no longer needed. This is the extra-long (420mm) version, 27.2 diameter, aluminum alloy. Currently set up for 150-200 lbs, but including the additional purple and orange striped...
  14. smorgasbord

    Luna Apollo in Pebble Beach

  15. smorgasbord

    How am I going to mount tires now?

    Just saw this news item:
  16. smorgasbord

    SOLD: Saris Cycle-On Pro (Platform bike rack) for Sale (SF Bay Area)

    Saris Cycle-On Pro for sale. Fits 2" hitches only; holds 1 or 2 bikes. Review here: Owner's manual attached to this post. Rated for 2 bikes at up to 60 lbs each. Supports bikes with 20" to 29" wheels. Does not contact...
  17. smorgasbord

    Luna Support has been very good for me

    I bought two bikes from Luna (Dec 2019 and Feb 2020) and have had occassions to use Luna's support process/team. The first problem was my own doing. I over-tightened the keypad clamp, which is just plastic, and snapped it. I must have had 5Nm "programmed" into my wrist as I was doing a bunch of...
  18. smorgasbord

    Need chain longer than SRAM sells

    I just converted a bike from the SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain (Shimano driver, 11-50 cassette) to the SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain (XD driver, 10-50 cassette). This meant replacing the rear wheel (I did front wheel too), cassette, and derailleur. What's weird is that I needed two more links in the...
  19. smorgasbord

    Battery voltage is not linear with watt-hours

    There have been many a post about Battery SoC (State of Charge) read-outs. From @Court rightfully complaining in reviews when bikes have just 5 bars, to inaccurate voltage readings even those are available. Having worked in Automotive a bit, I know that even gas tank sensors are put through a...
  20. smorgasbord

    Bafang Ultra Bottom Bracket Tool?

    Sorry for the cross-posting: