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  1. Griego

    Finally... Electric Bike Expo in Chicago Area

    Online E Bike sites are a little behind on this one. The Electric Bike Expo is coming to the Chicago area. Electric Bike Expo – Chicagoland June 23-25, 2017 Hours: Friday 3pm – 7pm; Saturday 9am-6pm; Sunday 10am-5pm Lincolnwood Town Center, 3333 Touhy Ave., Lincolnwood IL 60712 Just north of...
  2. Griego

    Comparing Mid Drives

    Great site! Thanks to all of those involved. I have some mid drive bikes in my compare bucket. It's rarely possible to test ride everything I'm interested in even tough I live in a major city (Chicago). That's the toughest part about having the desire to buy an electric bike. I couldn't...