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    Radwagon.. New high pitched ringing sound from motor.

    I have around 500 kms on my Radwagon. Around 40 or 50 kms ago I noticed a high pitched ringing sound coming from the motor. It starts around 300 watts and gets louder with more power. This noise was not there when I got the bike. It has become very irritating and is destroying my enjoyment of...
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    Radwagon 12G spokes and nipples. Available from Rad Power.

    I recently spotted a few damaged nipples on my new Radwagon. Rad Power is sending me a few spoke/nipple sets under warranty and informs me that front and rear replacement spokes are now available for 2.00 per spoke/nipple pair. The 12G spokes on the Radwagon are a real pain to deal with if you...
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    Radwagon worked for 5 miles :(

    Sorry to hear about your problem. The limiter in PAS 1 is strictly power related (around 240 watts). The controller will drive the motor in Pas 1 thru PAS 5 until the max assist speed is reached (my default was set at 20 mph but you can change this thru settings).
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    Radwagon worked for 5 miles :(

    This has not been my experience with Radpower. I have always had good support over the phone and the one time I sent an email to tech support re a problem I get a reply within 24 hours. You can't expect the same level of support you would get by buying from a bike shop but I have no problem...
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    Radwagon rear spoke tension adjustment

    Anne, thank you for the information. I have a copy of "The Bicycle Wheel - Third edition" by Jobst Brandt which is pretty good. I have been using a pair of cut off plastic ties on both sides of the frame to make sure nothing moved while I was snugging up the loose spokes. I may get a truing...
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    Cruiser handlebars on Radwagon

    My wife has a problem in her wrists and needs a more relaxed riding position than the stock Radwagon bars allow. I'm thinking cruiser bars or something like them. I have a butterfly bar kicking around but I can't get all the devices mounted due to space and ergonomic constraints. There are...
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    Radwagon rear spoke tension adjustment

    I should get my TM-1 in a few days and I plan to measure the tensions on all the spokes and then increase and balance the spoke tensions to the highest spoke tension plus a bit. All this while keeping the wheel true. Radpower tech support said to set the tension for 12 gauge Stainless Steel...
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    Radwagon rear spoke tension adjustment

    I have about 300 miles on my Radwagon and I have been having trouble with loose spokes on the rear wheel. I weigh about 200 pounds and my wife is about 110 pounds. Well within the 350 pound limit but driving around with her on the back has caused the spokes to loosen considerably. I tightened...
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    Enjoying my Radwagon

    Enjoying my Radwagon
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    Turn your Radwagon into a generator for off/on grid devices

    The Radwagon uses the Shengyi electric motor (brushless direct drive) which works as a generator as well. Another bike maker, Green Micro Gym is using a Shengyi 350 or 250 watt motor on the bike and a few accessories for power generation and coupling to off grid and on grid devices. The...