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    Rad City top speed after adjustment?

    I have had the Rad City for about a year now and it has been great. I did the top speed adjustment about a month after I had it and that was great. The thing I wonder is often when I am riding now I will be at the 750 watts to get up to speed but as I pass 20 mph the wattage tapers off. Am I...
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    52 v 14S battery?

    Has anyone tried running a Rad City (or other Rad) on a 52v battery? Would the motor and controller be fine with that extra voltage? I really notice on a fresh charge in PAS 3, I see 400 watts after 10 minutes I see 300 w and loose a bar. I am assuming this is just the voltage dropping to the...
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    battery charger plug size?

    I got a Rad City and really like it. Where I park the bike it is not next to a wall and I would like to extend the wire between the charger and the bike so the power brick isn't hanging in the air or lying on the ground next to the bike. I am very familiar with wiring. What I am wondering is...